10 things about Dorothy King Williams

After more than two decades on City Council, Dorothy King Williams’ favorite part of the job is “helping others with problems.”

Williams, a former school secretary and coordinator for Meals on Wheels, was re-elected to her post representing the city’s District 6 last fall. First elected in 1991, she enjoys North Charleston’s sights and continued growth. Outside of her duties on council, the 69-year-old spends her time watching old movies, fishing and reading.

1. Named “Best Dancer” in high school.

2. I’m afraid of snakes.

3. I played basketball in high school and college.

4. Grew up on a farm.

5. I’m allergic to strawberries.

6. Has seven great-grandchildren.

7. Loves all kinds of seafood.

8. Has very good marksmanship.

9. Enjoys listening to jazz, particularly saxophone.

10. Coached high school cheerleading.