Your Good Cheer gift can help Dennis with food during holiday

Dennis works part time as a custodian at a local church. His meager income allows him to pay his rent and utility bills, but leaves him without much more to purchase food and other essential items.

Thanks to a Good Cheer Fund agency, Dennis will receive a food gift card that will provide him a good hot meal for lunch each day for a couple of weeks.

Your donation can help Dennis and others like him during the holidays by providing assistance with food and other basic needs.

Contributions to The Post and Courier's Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry since 1927. The six charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are Carolina Youth Development Center, the Lowcountry Food Bank, the Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, the Association for the Blind and Catholic Charities. There are no administrative costs involved and the agencies receive every cent of the money raised.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at


Susan, Sam and Arthur $50.00

Mary and Joe Salvo $50.00

Kathryn and Steven Wilson $200.00

Greater Summerville Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce $500.00

In honor of our grandsons, by Mama Pat $50.00

In honor of our granddaughters Alexandra and Emily Sierko $150.00

Reid Cayce $25.00

Robert and Lynda Heffley $25.00

"WSO" $300.00

Graham and Sara Brough $200.00

James and Susan Radley $50.00

John and Betsy Benzel $50.00

Robert and Barbara Rivell $100.00

Bill and Ann Amos $100.00

Dave and Ginny Quarterman $25.00

Alan Sayer $50.00

Tom and Kristina $100.00

Charles Crosby $250.00

Wynona Crosby $250.00

Maria del Pilar, Elisa, Edward, Bonnie, John, Craig, Katie, Daniel, Sallie and John R. $500.00

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Gruber $200.00

Mary Anne, Sarah Mills, Alexandra, Anna, Thomas, Hagood, Carson and Andrew $400.00

In thanksgiving for God's love and grace $300.00

Dr. Gregory, Sharon and Geoff Gilbert $100.00

Robert and Michelle Smith $100.00

GL and R Outreach Fund $150.00

Honoring Jesusians $100.00

Dr. John and Susan Weaver $100.00

The Bowman Family: Vivian, Laurie, Dean, Darcy, Freddie, Steve and Patsy $50.00

The Charleston Ancient Artillery Society $200.00

The staff of the Lowcountry Open Land Trust $315.00

Tom and Patsy Austell $100.00

Roger and Glenda Jennings $200.00

Edward Blake $25.00

In thanksgiving for my wonderful children, grandchildren and my dear husband $20.00

In honor of my seven precious granddaughters Laura, Elizabeth, Caroline, Emily, Ally and Claudia Anna (Annie) $100.00

John Hoover $50.00









Art and Ellen Rooney $100.00

Katy and Dan Huger (local) $100.00


Baby Andrew, our parents and loved ones $100.00

Thomas H. Randall $50.00

Chuck Cross $50.00

Robert and Elizabeth Ball and Odell Gore from Robert Ball and Betty Gore $300.00

In honor and memory of Jerry L. Gowdy, Charleston's Finest Historic Tours $250.00

J. Douglas Donehue and STUDS Tennis Group $50.00

John and Maggie Schwarz, Love Mary, Freddie and Justin $100.00

Catherine and Horace Deets $50.00

Catherine Louise Deets Martina $50.00

My husband George M. Fitzmaurice $25.00

Our parents Lucretia and Chet Nowak and Evelyn and Dixon Hardy $50.00

Dr. John Hertz Warren Jr. $50.00

William A. Cawley $50.00

Sally and Barbara Robson $100.00

Tom Alexander $100.00

Travis Baker, from his grandmother Doris Penney-Hamilton $40.00

Lindsey Q. $100.00

Maj. William H. Ellerbe, USAAF $100.00

Todd Carter, our awesome son and brother $200.00

Floride Worthington $500.00

Remember Loved Ones $100.00

Frederick Richards Burnet and Susan Burnet, with love from the Burnet Family $100.00

Our daughter Susan Ann Wade, from her Mom and Dad $100.00

Mark B. Peeples $25.00

Martha Freesland, Ethel Staley, Pat Scarborough, Marilyn Wyndham and Mary Jahnsen given by Epsilon Master Chapter Beta Sigma Phi $25.00

Charley Lovingood. Happy 30th Birthday -- As ever we love you and miss you Mom and Reilly $100.00

Jay Bachman and Mary Alice Rumph from son, Jay Bachman Rumph Jr. $100.00

Dr. William A. McLees $100.00

Our son, Matthew Ciganovic, and his friends Ashton Middleton, Sam Donaldson and James Cody Smith, from Kay and Denny Ciganovic $200.00

My mother Aimee Powell $50.00

Tiger $10.00

Anne K. Donato $100.00

Robert B. Santos, from Banjo $35.00

Loved Ones from, Eleanor R. Pearce $100.00

Philip B. Cannon, Phyllis Haselden and Eleanor Doscher, from Ricky and Tina Doscher $1,000.00

Kent Knoff $50.00

Guy Smythe $50.00

J. Louis Lempesis $150.00

Our parents J.D. and Nell Fox and Ted and Willie Fern Smith $100.00

TODAY'S TOTAL $11,020.00

PREVIOUS TOTAL $106,269.54

YEAR TO DATE $117,289.54

LAST YEAR TO DATE $131,356.84