Christina is a single mother who lost her vision a few years ago. She has a young child and is all too aware of the financial struggles of making ends meet on a daily basis. She is dedicated to making the best of herself in the hopes that she can become employed again.

She attends classes at the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired four to five days a week as she tries to become computer-literate and learn skills that will make her more independent. She has little family to depend on for help of any sort or for transportation. She uses the Tel-A-Ride bus to come to class and many times has to endure hours on the bus before she arrives at class or gets home.

Your gift will allow Christina to purchase adaptive items that will make her daily living less challenging. You will be making a real difference in her life and in the lives of others like her.

There is still time to give this year. Donations received by noon today will be listed in the paper on Christmas Day. Contributions received by noon Dec. 29 will be included in the final 2015 accounting on New Year’s Eve. Donations received after that date will be applied toward the 2016 Good Cheer Fund.

Contributions to The Post and Courier’s Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry since 1927. The six charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are the Lowcountry Food Bank, the Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, the Association for the Blind, Coastal Catholic Charities and Carolina Youth Development Center. Every cent of the money goes directly to the agencies, as there are no administrative costs involved.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also can be made in person or online at

For more information, email Robie Scott at

In honor of Buster, Sammy, Kate and Casey 50.00

Mak and Diane Gould 100.00

Roger Brown 25.00

The Lettau Family — Kate, Laura, Thomas and Megan 50.00

A Christmas gift for my dear friend Linda Austin 100.00

Edmond and Rachelle Larue 50.00

Sylvia Stapleton 50.00

Dane and Dolora Platt 100.00

From Lionel and Sally Lawson 100.00

Marie and Roger Attanasio 100.00

James and Karen Bickley 100.00

P Steven Dopp 1000.00

Woodrow and Betty Blizzard 1000.00

CPW Old-Timers 180.00

Vi Alexander, Pauline Bush, Mr. Cleeve, June Dooley, Sheila Ford, Shirley Glaze, Rose Kennedy, Marjorie Lawrence, Catherine Musolf, Joyce Newcombe and Pauline Stank from the British Club 2015 100.00

From C. William Hipp and Cynthia L. Hipp 250.00

James Metze 1000.00

William and Sharon Ungemach 50.00

Philip and Marie Palmatier 25.00

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Gruber 100.00

In honor of: The world’s youngest and liveliest 91 year old, Betty Lancer 50.00

Bethany United Methodist Jennings Bible Class 75.00

John and Elva Thomas 50.00

Bill and Barbara 100.00

Marianne Cawley 30.00

Philip and Georgia Ann Porcher 100.00

In honor of our daughter and family 100.00

Raymond and Lunelle Allen 25.00

Members of Salem United Methodist Women — Salem United Methodist Church 100.00

Gregory and Candace Schelske 25.00

Charlie and Kay Chitty 1000.00

Pauls Family Foundation Inc. 5000.00

Virginia Arthur 100.00

Kathleen and John Appleby 20.00

In honor of my children Jane, Cliff and Wayne and grandchildren Brandy and Addison 200.00

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Amos 100.00

Bill and Karen McLean 500.00

Davis Tree Company 500.00

Charleston Charter Tripoly Group 200.00

In honor of Mary B. Harken 20.00

In honor of our 7 grandchildren: John, Joseph, Luke, Sadie, Tyler, Carter and Annie 20.00

In honor of Michael Richard Harrison and Miss Melissa Harrison from James Shannon Hurley 12.50

In honor of Henry and Mayes 100.00

In thanksgiving for joy brought to us from Will, Annie, Macy, Heart, William, Albo, Bellie, Chaz, Heneree, John, Wisey, Riley, Charles Way, Amelia, Leo and T.H. 500.00

Given with love in gratitude for our five — Nonnie, Sledge Hammer, Billie Burke, Happy and Man Baby 500.00

Recovery, please Jean Day 25.00

In honor of Betsy, Charlie and Beth, Chris and Chris 25.00

In honor of Thomasena Stokes Marshall, from The MPSC Booster Club 30.00

In honor of Charleston Magazine’s 40th Anniversary, from Mel and Seiko Smith 25.00

In honor of Todd Smith and the Stratford Knights Bands 25.00

All in with Coach Dabo and the 2015 Clemson Tigers 100.00

Thankful for the fun of sharing life with Lauren and Micah Sims 50.00






Francis and Judy Porcher 200.00

Robert and Grace Walker 100.00

My sweet mother, Betty Alewine, on her first Christmas in heaven. We miss you so much. Love, Mike 50.00

The McCrary, Gould and Grismore Families 25.00

My son Jules Mappus, with love your father Dick 50.00

My father Julius Mappus, with love your son Dick 50.00

FLP, HRP, NLB, MSB and TPB 100.00

Annie and Daniel Chisolm and Katrina Renee Parker 100.00

Jane White, John White, Jonathan Greer and Ryan Campbell 100.00

Betty Buhrmaster and Don Buhrmaster 100.00

Stewart Poulnot, John Kennedy, Butch Matz, Donna Smith and Kate Waring 100.00

Aileen Meetze 100.00

Edward and Hildreth Walker 100.00

Carlton, Janet, Paula and Terry Woodard 100.00

Sassy the Cat 50.00

Louis E. and Mary M. Storen and Michael F. Storen 50.00

My beloved pets 35.00

Departed brothers and sisters 50.00

J. Preston Warren. 25.00

Bill and Kay McDonald 25.00

Our son Will and other loved ones, from Walt and Sydney Haynes 250.00

Ceth and Buddy 25.00

Angus H. Warren MD, J. Hertz Warren MD, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony H. Harrigan Jr., Mrs. Jane Shackelford McCrady Yates and Mr. John McCrady Henning 150.00

Ed Lewis 25.00

Melvin M. Chassereau, John D. and Beulah Walker Rials, John Jr. and Violet Rials 100.00

Raymond Wheeler Player 50.00

Charleston AME Church families 50.00

My dear sweet husband 20.00

The irrepressible Jane Lareau 50.00

Pansy Brown 50.00

Bonnie R. Parker 50.00

Johnny Ohlandt 100.00

Kevin M. Boyd 150.00

Loved ones, from Tom and Mary Ellen MacGregor 50.00

Rachel Norwood (H.E.) 100.00

Sylvia and Francis Fisher 40.00

Fred A. Bailey III 20.00

Harold Harken 20.00

Ryan DeWitt and Chris B. Staubes, Sam and Evelyn King and Jenni King Moore 100.00

Mr. John Partick Bean, Martha Jane Toole Harrison, Mr. James Joseph Hurley, Father Leon Joseph Hubacz, Catherine Hurley Padgett Johnson, Nellie Martina Agnes McManus, Mr. Frederick Bohlinger Sharp, Virgie Mae Padgett Sharp, Bishop David Bernad Thompson, Bishop Ernest Leo Unterkoefler and Miss Jon Stephanie Zagar from James Shannon Hurley 12.50

Francis K. and Helen P. O’Toole 50.00

My father Ken Ensley from John, Devon, Ryan and Cole 20.00

Betty Fleming 200.00

My parents Hancke and Gertrude Gissell and brother Leroy Gissell. 50.00

Our parents Tanny and Joan Budds and Bill and Elizabeth Clair 200.00

Our parents, brother and loved ones, from F. Arnold Blackmon Jr. and Catherine B. Blackmon 400.00

Our daughter Stacy Christensen 100.00

Our parents Johnny and Mary Robinson, Earl Nelson and June Nelson Lollis 75.00

Johnny Robinson Jr., Robert Ray, Davey Shorter, Andrea Riols Crites and Lawrence and Trudy Moore 75.00

Joe Smoak Sr. and Tony H. Smoak from their family 150.00

Capt. Harrington, Capt. Leland, Buck Marlowe, Sam Campbell, Willy Weston, Henry Weathers, Henry Singleton, Clarence Felder, Isaac Manigault, Chan Stroman, Jimmy Leland, Capt. Jimmy Scott, Capt. Buster Denny and Frank Cherry 200.00

Ann Luckey King 100.00

Our good friend Burrell T. Boatwright 100.00

All our deceased family members and loved ones from Charlotte and Tony Beck 50.00

My parents Mary and Bob Sink 500.00

My sister Sarah Means Taylor 50.00

Charlene Smith Wieters and Charles Forst Smith Jr., love Maureen and Dee Hamilton and family 50.00

Daniel J. Lesesne Jr. 75.00

Frances V. Lesesne 75.00

Teddy Lesesne 75.00

Maribel Bowman Willard 75.00

Marvin Willard 75.00

John W. Sandefur 50.00

Charles W. Sandefur 50.00

Melissa C. Dunn 50.00

Sam and Betty Jones from Chuck and Flora Horne 100.00

Phyllis and Lawrence Walker 50.00

Our parents Anita and Bill Cox and Dot and Baxter Ross 100.00

Bama and Grandaddy from Rob, James, Fran, Sallie Scott, Hattis, Liza, Morgan, Barb, Thomas, Bissell, McLain, Annie, Baker, Archie, Ashley, Locke and Cordes 100.00

Michael Reese 100.00

Rojo 100.00

Rikard 100.00

Louise and Walter Kruger Sr., Walter Kruger Jr., Lawrence Kruger, Victor and Peggy Salvo, Bob and Ursula Kaiser, Amanda Kaiser, Patrick Clarkin, Lorraine Leitch and Larry Burmester 100.00

Buddy Donald, Lewis Pickens, Al Johnston, Eddie Young, Jim Woods, Frank O’Brien, Bill Wheeler, Bobby Varn, Harold Leamond, Warren Lear, Bill Kanapaux, Archie Hollings, Raymond Soubeyroux, Red Woods, David Lybrand and Rex Porter 100.00

Ann Perry Deas, Katherine Tyler Deas and Austin Parker Deas 75.00

“Happy” Warren, “Shaft” Drayton, “Charlie” Gaillard, “Fluffy” Brockinton, “Lydia” Linton, “Phoebe” Rock, “Ellie” Gaillard, “Snicker” B-Waring, “Angus” Perry. “Max” Cotton and “Ajax” T-Warring: Good Dogs Gone 167.89

Our beloved daughter Kathryn Ann Rivers 50.00

Our parents Louise and Alfred Dufour and Ella and Ford Rivers 50.00

Ours siblings Alfred Edmondston Dufour and Nell Rivers Roebuck 25.00

Good friends: Julie Muckenfuss “best buddy”, Margaret and Billy Wilkes, Beth Wieters and June and Sonny Schirmer 25.00

Charleston furniture maker E.H. Boyd Smith and his grandson Phillip Boyd Smith 25.00

TV 5 weatherman Hurricane Charlie Hall from Mel, Jack, Gus and Jim, “Charlie’s Boys” 25.00

2 wise men Blocker and Avram 50.00

2 friends gone too soon Patrick and Brett 100.00

Bob, Ursula and Amanda Kaiser 100.00

Nadine Ferguson 50.00

Pa Pa Forsberg 50.00

TODAY’S TOTAL $22,147.89

PREVIOUS TOTAL $193,707.28

YEAR TO DATE $215,855.17

LAST YEAR TO DATE $276,866.15