Ruth is 63 years old. She lost her sight as an adult and went through a divorce shortly afterward. She now lives alone, and through Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired programs, is learning to live independently with blindness. She is still desperately in need of orientation and mobility training. This training will allow her to safely move around her home, go to the grocery store and get to her doctors’ appointments.

Your Good Cheer donation will help individuals like Ruth get the assistance they need to regain their independence and help them to have a safe new year.

Contributions to The Post and Courier’s Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry since 1927. The six charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are the Lowcountry Food Bank, the Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, the Association for the Blind, Coastal Catholic Charities and Carolina Youth Development Center. Every cent of the money goes directly to the agencies, as there are no administrative costs involved.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also can be made in person or online at

For more information, email Robie Scott at

Edwin, Edward II, Amy and Edward Thompson Family $600.00

William and Brenda Mills. 100.00

Francis Cates 200.00

Hammerton Lodge 332 AFM. 50.00

RTS and JIHS bridge friends Kitty, Nancy, Barbara and Mollie. 100.00

In honor of our 4 children and 9

grandchildren by Jim and Mollie

Wilkinson 100.00

In honor of Jimmie Mitchum. 25.00

In honor of Raymond and Grace Mitchum 50.00

In honor of Florence Timmons 25.00

In thanksgiving for Joe, Silvia, Paul, Elisa, Richard and Ashley 100.00

In honor of Mr. Jimmie Mitchum 37.50

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Mitchum 75.00

Larry Hearn 100.00

Thomas Cruden 50.00

Joyce Morris 25.00

Frances Kinney 25.00

Mary and King 100.00

Joseph and Donna Davis 200.00

John and Karen Ratliff 50.00

James Lee 250.00

Laurie and Larry Seese 200.00

Kathy Cochran 100.00

William Clarke 25.00










Cynthia S. Deaton and family (local). 30.00

C.D. and Fran Melton (local) 100.00

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Rooney 100.00

Marty and Cindy Adams 200.00

Church Creek Nursery, Inc. 250.00

Nicholas and all our missed loved ones, family and friends 200.00

Charles C. Cross 50.00

Thomas H. Randall 50.00

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Waring Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Berretta and Edward and Jennie Gibson 300.00

My best friend Ken Burger from Andy Solomon 25.00

My parents Evelyn and Aaron Balkham and Ruth and Tom Reed from Rita and Dennis Balkham 100.00

Guy Smythe 50.00

Kent Knoff 50.00

Marion Rice 50.00

Jim and Minnie Mitchum 100.00

Edwin M. Chandler 100.00

Thelma H. Mitchum 25.00

Mamie S. Johnson by Joe 100.00

Jennie L. Gibson by Randolph and Brother 100.00

Thomas Richard Waring, Laura Witte Warring, Thomas Richard Waring Jr. and Clelia Peronneau Mathewes Waring 100.00

Katherine Peronneau Waring 100.00

Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Mitchum 75.00

Mr. and Mrs. T.T. Day 75.00

Mr. James H. Day 75.00

Mrs. Thelma Mitchum 37.50

Our son Rondald G. Easterby Jr. from Jan and Ronnie Easterby 25.00

Helen and Earl Easterby from Jan and Ronnie Easterby 25.00

James I. (Ike) and Cille Young from Jan and Ronnie Easterby 25.00

Our friend Chuck Zobel from Jan and Ronnie Easterby 25.00

TODAY’S TOTAL $5,860.00


YEAR TO DATE $37,398.38

LAST YEAR TO DATE $49,745.01

CORRECTION: The following donations listed on Monday were inadvertently put under the wrong category.

Great neighbors — Eleanor Coggins and Virginia Spurlock 100.00

My father Seabrook Oliver 50.00

Esta, Harold and Allan Baumrind from Capt. Stephen J. Baumrind 100.00

Bob, Mom and Auntie from Carroll. 125.00

My husband Lewis and my daughter Jennifer LaVigne by Lynda Aston 100.00

Whit Scoggin love Sib 100.00

Jo Wise 75.00

Loren W. Hall 100.00

My husband, Morris David Rosen and my daughter, Beth Palmer Meggs.........................................100.00

Gone too soon, Johnny Henning and Rikard Best 100.00

A wonderful man and a good friend, George Mitcher 50.00