The Reeses are in their 60s but have no hope of ever being able to retire. They have no pension plan and can't collect Social Security because they spent their lives teaching overseas.

The couple is currently living on the income from Mrs. Reese's part-time job, which does not provide medical benefits. The Reeses have medical conditions requiring prescriptions. They are trying to substitute generics for their higher-priced medicines but still need assistance with co-pays and dentures.

Your donation can stretch the Reeses' budget by helping them with their medications and necessary dental work.

Since 1927, contributions to The Post and Courier's Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the tri-county area during the holidays. The six charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are Star Gospel Mission, the Association for the Blind, Catholic Charities, Carolina Youth Development Center, Lowcountry Food Bank and The Salvation Army. There are no administrative costs involved, and the agencies receive every cent of the money.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at


Happy Bookers of Summerville 75.00

In honor of Mary LaBoone from SMF 25.00

Paul Palumbo 50.00

Brenda and Samuel Rosen 50.00

The Love Family 100.00

James Fraser 25.00

Alex Thompson 100.00

Andrew Lowry 100.00

Olivia Johnson 100.00

Kaitlyn Lowry 100.00

A.J. Lowry 100.00

Jamie Lowry 100.00

Laura Ann Johnson 100.00

Danielle Johnson 100.00

Andrea and Jim Lowry 200.00

Pate Properties, Inc. 200.00

Friends from Ladson 4,900.00

To loved ones near and far from The Bullard Family 40.00

In honor of our 10 grandchildren from Paul and Betty Sandifer 100.00

Jackson Appraisal Service 250.00

Macon Bianucci-Happy Birthday! Love, Carly, Cole, Page, Juneau and Delilah Walter 100.00

Harry and Lucy 200.00

Dr. Thomas and Stacey Johnson 250.00

In honor of Ellen Darby Fletcher, Daniel Oliver Fletcher and Hampton Lewis Fletcher 500.00

Jasper Kennedy 25.00

Berwick and Mary Ann 100.00

Norm and Leah 100.00

Eric and Lisa Lehman 500.00

In honor of our grandchildren, Russell, Elly and Taylor from Mema and Pop Pop 75.00

In honor of our godson, Kevin Buckheister, from Anne and Rusty 75.00






Gary and Vera Coward 100.00


Longstreet Hawkins, a great hound 50.00

Our son Stewart Poulnot from Capers and Sandra Poulnot 100.00

Our daughter Michele Poulnot and Bill Bradley from Capers and Sandra Poulnot 100.00

Our parents: Mr. and Mrs. Francis F. Ballinger and Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Cone 25.00

Falcon B. Hawkins and Murray D. Bonnoitt, from The Birthday Group 100.00

My husband William Comar and George and Peggy Spain 50.00

Phyllis and Lawrence Walker 100.00

The Rev. Marshall E. Travers, Harriet Dwight Travers Roberts, Joe Yarbrough III, Marshall E. Yarbrough, Joe Yarbrough Sr., Helen O. Yarbrough and C.E. (Skeet) Roberts from Joe, Harriet and Linsey Yarbrough 100.00

Terence M. McManus, Judy Kemp and Joyce Moore from Sue O'Brien 25.00

Mom, Dad, John, Scott, Corky, Barney, Suzy, Jesse, Pee Wee, Tiny and Augie 150.00

The Rev. Benjamin B. Smith 100.00

Erma Barnhouse Knight and Beatrice Knight Righter 100.00

Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Parrish and Mrs. Mavis Wilson 200.00

My friend, Bobby Edmunds 25.00

1st Lt. James T. Richards USMC and Dan Hundley 25.00

Jane B. Moyes, Marilyn and Robert Kube, Bart, Tanner and Tashi 200.00

Our parents, Edward G. and Jennie L. Gibson 100.00

My husband and our father Gonzales S. Waddy 100.00

The GCUSBCA Senior Bowlers who have departed us to join a better league from Sam McKinney USAF (Ret). 200.00

Old Dad and Mom 100.00

Bill Zipperer and Will Haynes 100.00

P.A.L.M. and Florrie 100.00

Our daughter-in-law Tina Bischoff by Dick and Mary Bischoff 50.00

Our parents Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Bischoff and Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Conlon 50.00

Our daughter Beth Blackwell by Dick and Mary Bischoff 50.00

My parents Alda Matthews Coward and Clauson Lyles Coward 100.00

My son John McVey Coward 100.00

Julia H. Thomas and C.L. and Alda Coward by Gary and Vera Coward 100.00

TODAY'S TOTAL $12,510.00

PREVIOUS TOTAL $127,750.79

YEAR TO DATE $140,260.79

LAST YEAR TO DATE $152,482.28