A vehicle destroyed one of Ridgeland's Interstate 95 traffic cameras Monday, but Mayor Gary Hodges said speed enforcement will continue.

"We have two systems," Hodges said. "The other unit is still fine."

The struck camera was monitoring northbound I-95 from the median -- off the road but near the painted line, according to Highway Patrol spokesman Cpl. Paul Brouthers.

At about 1 p.m., "a vehicle of unknown identity struck the camera, destroying it, and fled the scene," Brouthers said.

The officer controlling the equipment was on the southbound side and did not see the wreck, Brouthers said.

Ridgeland resident Randy Horton did not witness the accident, but saw its aftermath.

"I came by when it was all scattered over 95. The officer was just starting to kick the stuff off the highway," Horton said. "People were slamming on brakes trying to stop."

The Highway Patrol has little to go on unless someone comes forward with information, Brouthers said.

The cameras have been criticized by drivers and some state officials, and a class-action lawsuit was filed against Ridgeland on Dec. 21.

It claims Ridgeland is breaking a state law that outlaws citations "based solely on photographic evidence."

Officials argue their system is legal because an on-site police officer operates and monitors the equipment.