North Charleston Patrolman David Winslette was released from the hospital Tuesday after being shot twice over the weekend by a man he suspected of stealing an Apple iPad.

Winslette was reported to be in good spirits after surgeons removed bullet fragments from his knee and repaired his shattered left patella.

In a Facebook post, the 31-year-old officer credited his protective vest for sparing him from the other bullet, which struck his chest.

His long-term prognosis was not known.

"A little tender on the left pectoral where the vest saved me," he wrote. "Thank you, everyone for everything. From the dispatchers to the surgeons."

Saturday's shooting was the first involving a wounded North Charleston police officer since Feb. 18, 1985, when Officer Tony Way was fatally shot.

Winslette served nine years in the Navy and as a Dorchester County deputy before he was hired by the North Charleston Police Department in December 2010.

Early Saturday, he took a report from a woman on South Allen Drive about a man who stole her iPad, said police spokesman Spencer Pryor. Later, about 3 a.m., Winslette saw someone who fit the woman's description of the suspect. The man was leaving an El Cheapo gas station at 3615 Dorchester Road with two others.

When Winslette tried to approach the man, he turned and fired four times, according to police reports. Winslette radioed for help as a store manager came to his aid and the three suspects ran from the parking lot.

Winslette's Taser had been removed from its holster and was on the pavement when other officers arrived, according to the incident report. But he had not returned fire, police said.

Later in the day at a Barony Park Circle home, officers arrested Timothy Darrell Johnson Jr., 25, of Martha Drive on a charge of attempted murder.

Cretion Antonio Patterson, 25, of Hartford Circle and Dontreia Antwon Durant, 33, face charges of being accessories to the crime by allegedly helping Johnson evade capture.

In his jail booking photo, Johnson appeared with a swollen right eye. Pryor said Johnson resisted arrest, but he would not discuss particulars.

Officials added a charge of resisting arrest against Johnson after a judge denied bail Sunday.

In affidavits, police said Johnson admitted to shooting Winslette. He is not a suspect in the theft of the iPad.