Would-be robber thanks bank teller

Melvin Jesse Blain is charged with entering a bank with intent to steal.

NORTH CHARLESTON - Miss Manners might be proud.

A would-be bank robber thanked a teller and left Tuesday after the teller told him she didn't have money.

North Charleston police charged Melvin Jesse Blain, 31, with entering a bank with the intent to steal after officers caught him walking along Rivers Avenue, according to an incident report.

Blain told officers that he did try to the rob the Wachovia branch at 5561 Rivers Ave. about 1 p.m. but didn't after the teller told him she didn't have any money. Blain told the teller, "Thank you," and walked out, according to the report.

Blain told officers he screwed up and didn't want to return to prison. Police say he had just served 46 months for bank robbery.

Blain told officers where they could find the note he passed to the teller.

Officers found the note ripped into several pieces. The note said he wanted $30,000 in $100 bills.