JAMES ISLAND -- Fresh off his victory Tuesday, Mayor-elect Bill Woolsey said he'd like to see the town of James Island be known for more than the community that feuds with Charleston.

"I think it's just a mistake to try to run a town on the philosophy of we're against Joe Riley," he said today in a post-election interview.

Woolsey finished first with about 40 percent of the vote in the five-way race. Incumbent Mary Clark.

Clark remained mostly silent after finishing in a distant second place. She canceled a post-election appointment with The Post and Courier set for today, and instead stuck to her mantra that "the people have spoken" before ending a phone conversation.

Clark collected nearly 20 percent of the turnout Tuesday, or about 713 votes, even as she ran a low-visibility campaign. The few 'Clark for Mayor' yard signs seen around were retreads from an earlier run.

Woolsey said he spent at least $4,000 on his effort.

The other candidates finished: J. Warren Sloane, 17.95 percent of the vote; Jonathan Brown, 15.07 percent; and Brett 'Skibo' Johnson, 7.33 percent. The votes will be certified Thursday at Town Hall. About 36 percent of the town's 13,132 registered voters took part.

Town Council was also elected, with the top four finishers listed as Robin Welch, Carter McMillan, Karen Wilder-Smalls, and Leonard Blank.

Riley still has an interest in what happens on James Island. The state Supreme Court next year is expected to rule on the legality of the the town's third attempt at incorporation since the 1990s, a challenge Woolsey expects to win.

Woolsey says he'll serve as a part-time mayor, reducing the position's annual salary from $35,000 a year down to $15,000.

Meanwhile, the town remains contractually bound on two fronts to Clark's son - for its Internet web services and for its global positioning mapping. Those contracts, totaling about $75,000, run into next spring and won't be renewed, Woolsey said.