TRAVELERS REST -- A woman returned from a recent trip to find someone else's digital camera in her checked baggage. It took some sleuth work and the help of a TV station to return it to its rightful owner.

"I asked the airlines how, and they said probably it came out of his and they thought it belonged to us and put it in our bag," Jane Conklin of Travelers Rest said.

Finding who the camera belonged to was a little more complicated, even though Conklin had remembered speaking with the very tall man she saw in the pictures stored on the camera's memory card.

"He was a big guy," she said. "I mean, I had to look way up to see him."

She knew the man played college basketball, lived in North Carolina and had retired from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. She knew that he now taught school, but she did not know his name.

"I called RJR, but the woman who answered said she couldn't help because there were too many employees," Conklin said.

She e-mailed a television station in North Carolina to see whether it would air a story on the lost camera. WXII did, and several viewers recognized the man in the story as Danny Traylor, a 7-foot standout on the University of South Carolina basketball team in the 1970s. Traylor now works as a teacher's assistant at Wiley Middle School in Winston-Salem.

"Sometimes it's great to be tall. Sometimes it's not so great to be tall," Traylor told the station. "This is one of the good times."