A 23-year-old Ladson woman who disappeared without a trace more than two years ago has resurfaced in Miami.

Law enforcement officials arrested Teista Swain Burwell last week on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle, according to a family member. On Saturday afternoon, she was being held at the Miami-Dade County jail.

She was found with David Allen Kornahrens, a 39-year-old man she dated briefly before her disappearance, who has an extensive criminal record. He was wanted on state and federal charges and sits in a federal prison also located in Miami, according to a U.S. Department of Justice inmate search database.

The Dorchester County Sheriff's Department expects the pair will be returned to Charleston, said Maj. John Garrison.

Burwell's car was found unlocked and abandoned in December 2007. Since then, she has made no contact with relatives or friends, and no one reported seeing her, despite media coverage and widespread pleas for help.

The silence led her family to think the worst, said her father, Chris Swain.

"We're thrilled that she's alive because, for the most part, we thought something had happened to her," he said. "Now she has to come back and face the music and the consequences of her actions."

Swain said he found out few details, other than her arrest charge, from law enforcement officials Friday. He said he doesn't know if she followed Kornahrens to Florida willingly or how the couple were found.

"She didn't say she was speaking with him. She was just gone," her father said.

Tina Swain, Burwell's mother, told The Post and Courier last year that her daughter was home-schooled and later attended Fort Dorchester High School. She was moving toward a career in law enforcement until she met Kornahrens at the steak house where she worked.

Kornahrens's criminal rap sheet, as of last year, ran 27 pages long and dated back to 1998. His convictions include crimes such as burglary, harassment, grand larceny, bank fraud and non-custodial parental abduction.

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