MOUNT PLEASANT -- Former North Charleston Mayor Bobby Kinard stalks into his wife's apartment and pulls out a pistol just seconds before shots are fired in a chilling video released Friday by police.

The video, shot by private investigator Tommy Blackwood, documents Kinard's shooting of a man he found in his wife, Susan's, apartment shortly before midnight on June 17.

Just minutes after the video was filmed, Kinard, 64, shot and killed himself after police pulled him over in his pickup truck.

Police released the video, as well as 911 recordings, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from The Post and Courier.

The newspaper chose not to post the video on its website because it adds little to the narrative that's been told about that night, but the audio contains at least one apparent discrepancy from previous statements.

Blackwood told police he went to Susan Kinard's Edgewater Plantation apartment with a video camera to document Bobby Kinard's suspicions that she was seeing another man.

Kinard shot the man he found there, 50-year-old Terry Portier, twice in the shoulder.

Susan Kinard told the newspaper last week that Portier is a friend from Kansas who was visiting. She said there was no romantic connection and insisted they were sleeping in separate beds.

On a 911 tape, however, a dispatcher is heard asking about Portier's connection to her. Susan Kinard responds: "Terry is my boyfriend. That's why my husband shot him."

She maintained Friday that Portier was just a friend and said she could not recall what she had said to the dispatcher in the middle of the frantic episode.

"I don't know what to say about that," she said. "They can report that, but the whole thing was, Bobby was the love of my life."

She said she has not spoken to Portier since the shooting. She said that would be unusual if she were indeed his lover.

Blackwood's video of the episode begins after Bobby Kinard's plan to "flush out" whoever was inside the apartment failed because his wife didn't answer Kinard's phone call, said Mark Peper, Blackwood's attorney.

Bobby Kinard then moved toward the door, Peper said.

The video shows Kinard, dressed all in black, unlock the apartment door, step inside and flip on a hallway light. He brushes back the bottom hem of his jacket, slips the keys back in his pocket and pulls out a silver-toned pistol that he holds at his side.

The apartment is silent as Kinard rounds the corner inside. Sixteen seconds pass. Then a gunshot loudly sounds, causing Blackwood's camera to shake. Shouts and screams are heard. Then another shot.

The camera goes dark. When it comes back on, Susan Kinard, dressed in what appears to be a nightgown, is seen shoving her husband toward the door. His face is set in a grim frown, his eyes staring straight ahead. He still holds the pistol in his right hand.

The next footage is of a stairwell at the complex as Kinard and Blackwood leave. "Bobby, come on, let's go," Blackwood is heard saying.

Susan Kinard said she thinks there is missing footage from the video that would show Blackwood was inside her apartment and that other key events from the episode occurred. "It's not in real time," she said.

She questions why Blackwood isn't facing criminal charges in the incident and why he did nothing to stop her husband from going inside.

Police Capt. Stan Gragg said detectives still are tying up a loose ends in the case, but no charges are planned at this time.

Investigators found no evidence to indicate that Blackwood set foot in the apartment or knew Kinard had a gun when he went inside, he said.

Peper said zoom-lens footage may appear as if Blackwood was inside the apartment but that he did not venture past the threshhold.

Peper said he didn't notice the pistol in Kinard's hand when he viewed the video. Blackwood was looking through the camera's viewfinder at night and didn't see the gun until after the shooting, he said.

Blackwood tried to get Kinard away from the apartment without further violence, then called police to report the shooting, he said.

"If Tommy had seen him pull a gun out of his pants, he would have intervened," Peper said.

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