Victim’s best friend charged in slaying

Deanna Shaw, 22, of St. Stephen, stood before a magistrate Friday night, charged with murder, attempted murder and attempted armed robbery in the early Monday shooting that injured one person and killed another.

Moncks Corner — Tears fell from Deanna Shaw’s eyes as she signed paperwork in bond court Friday night.

Moments earlier, a judge told her that she faces the death penalty.

The 22-year-old St. Stephen woman is the fifth person to be charged with murder in the fatal shooting of 21-year-old Brittany Aigoro.

In an apparent armed robbery gone bad, Aigoro was shot to death early Monday in a hail of bullets sprayed into a house on Russellville Road in St. Stephen. Another man in the house, 25-year-old Kendrick Shirer, also was shot but survived.

Shaw’s arrest Friday came a day after Aigoro’s fiance, 23-year-old Aveon Goodman, and three other men were charged with murder in the case.

The fiance’s arrest shocked the family, but Shaw’s arrest was even more perplexing. According to Aigoro’s grandmother, Shaw and Aigoro were best friends. Inseparable.

Also Friday, the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office filed additional charges of attempted murder and attempted armed robbery against the four men who had been charged Thursday with murder.

According to arrest warrants, the five defendants “planned the armed robbery and were armed with numerous firearms.”

Authorities would not specify who fired guns into the house or what was targeted in the attempted robbery, saying the case was still being investigated.

Fifteen spectators were in the cinder-block courtroom, eight in support of the defendants and seven for the victims.

There were no words exchanged between the two groups, but deputies stood between them.

The four men charged in the case, all from Eutawville, are Aveon Goodman, and his brother Sheldon Goodman, 22, both of Bounty Road; Brandon Jenkins, 22, of Broken Arrow Road; and his cousin Joshua Jenkins, 24, of Torch Road.

They had appeared Thursday night before County Magistrate James Polk on murder charges. Polk told them he could not set bail.

The four were taken back to court Friday on the additional charges. Wearing orange jumpsuits, they stood shoulder to shoulder before Polk. Several times, one or more of them shook their heads as if they didn’t believe what was happening.

Polk set bail for each of them at $120,000 on each of the new charges, imposing a total bail of $240,000 on each man, but he also reiterated that they were still being held on no bond for the murder charge.

After the men had their hearing, Shaw was brought into the courtroom.

According to deputies, she has no prior criminal record.

Polk set bail on the lesser charges first, imposing the same bond amounts and conditions as he had for her four co-defendants.

Then he explained the murder charge.

At that point, Shaw, who lives on Dessa Lane, began to tremble. One of her supporters, a woman, heaved a sigh so deep a deputy walked over to quiet her.

When the hearing was over, deputies allowed the victim’s relatives to leave first, then Shaw’s relatives were told they could leave.

As they were rising to leave, two women started wailing. One looked as if she might faint. Others kept her from falling.

Outside the courtroom, relatives of the defendants and victims did not want to talk.

The woman whose house was shot up was there. She said her two sons were in the house during the shooting. She is praying for everyone involved in the case.

Mozelle Smith said her son, Kendrick Shirer, was still having trouble recovering from his wounds. He was shot in the side during the attempted robbery.

“It’s a sad situation,” Smith said. “My heart and prayers go out to everyone involved.”

All five defendants are at the Hill-Finklea Detention Center.

The county also released recordings of the 911 calls received in the slaying. The Post and Courier had filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the tapes.

The first call came at 12:26 a.m. from a next-door neighbor who reported having heard six to seven shots.

According to dispatch records, the call was dispatched at 12:34 a.m. and the first unit arrived at the scene at 12:44 a.m.

Other calls also came in and at one point, Kendrick Shirer talked with the dispatcher. The dispatcher asked if he was bleeding badly and he said he was not.

“I wasn’t that bad. I was nicked,” he said. “She got shot in the arm,” referring to Aigoro.

Another caller was apparently at the house and said her friend, presumably Aigoro, had been shot.