Local surfers are anticipating higher waves than usual this weekend as Tropical Storm Colin winds its way up the Atlantic.

On Thursday, Colin regenerated and regained its named storm status, said meteorologist Jon Jelsema of the National Weather Service in Charleston.

The storm was expected to continue northwest, and then curve to the north, Jelsema said.

The forecast path takes the storm close to Bermuda, and the government there has issued a tropical storm warning.

The storm is not expected to develop into a hurricane or threaten the East Coast.

Surfers were anticipating some good waves this weekend, with Sunday likely to be the best day for surfing.

"The forecast is calling for about 3-foot-high waves, Saturday and Sunday," said Dan Floyd of Oli-Nah Surf Shop on the Isle of Palms. "It looks like Sunday morning might be the sweet day."

Floyd said he has been following the effect of tropical storms on local surfing conditions for decades.

"A good rule of thumb is that if a hurricane rounds the corner of Puerto Rico at 100 miles an hour, we can expect a 3-foot wave in about three days," Floyd said. "At 150 miles per hour, we might see head high or above."

Waves at the Washout on Folly Beach were expected to be head high Sunday, said Brian Eichelman of McKevlin's Surf Shop on Folly Beach.

Surfers were more excited earlier this week, when there was a possibility the storm might pass by as a Category 1 hurricane, Eichelman said.

Whenever a storm's path swings it between the U.S. coast and Bermuda, the storm is likely to generate some good waves in South Carolina, Eichelman said.

Eichelman and Floyd reported that business was good in their surf shops as surfers prepare for the weekend.

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