Trio accused in Mt. Pleasant holdup


Three men are accused of holding up a pair of men in Mount Pleasant early Tuesday morning.

Police said the two men were walking home on Coleman Boulevard after leaving Art’s Bar at 2:21 a.m. when three men wearing black clothing approached them.

From across the street, a Mount Pleasant police officer saw two men being approached by the three men from across the street. The officer unholstered his gun because he said it looked like the pair were being robbed, the report said. The officer ran across the street and the three dark-clothed men ran away.

One of the alleged victims told the officer that one of the suspects had pointed a gun at his face. He also told police that one of the suspects touched him and his friend in the stomach with the gun and said, “Give me everything you got,” the report stated. The men gave the suspects their wallets and phones, it stated.

Darren Keith Belt, 26, of Buskirk Avenue in North Charleston; Randi Jarrell Parks, 25, of Eastover; and Ricky Hayes, 31, of North Shadow Drive in Mount Pleasant, were later arrested and charged with armed robbery.