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This house in Paddock Pointe is priced at $169,000. Close to three in every four homes sold this year in the Charleston area are $250,000 and below.

Now that the Casey Anthony trial is over, and she has been released from jail, Goose Greek resident Larry Hearn can finally catch up on some neglected housework.

Hearn, 70, has been retired since 2003 and said that the combination of the heat and "genes" passed on from his father, who also followed court cases, drove him to an infatuation with the Anthony trial.

Like many Lowcountry residents, Hearn found himself staying inside more to beat the record summer heat. He said he started following the trial because there "was nothing else to watch," and he soon became engrossed in it.

He searched for everything related to the Anthony trial on "television, live streams, the Orlando Sentinel, headline news, blogs, Twitter and Facebook," he said. He even did his own digging on the internet about objects used as evidence and the characters in the trial.

"It started controlling me. I put off yardwork. When I went to socialize I had my friends turn to the trial," he said.

He said he realized his infatuation was a problem when he had a dream, or a nightmare as he calls it, where Anthony asked him to help her find a safe place to hide.

Hearn said his father also had an influence on his love of legal trials. He said he recalls listening to the Rosenberg trials on the radio as a boy with his father. The Rosenbergs were husband and wife who were convicted and executed in 1953 during the communist scare for espionage during a time of war.

Hearn thinks that his knowledge of the Anthony trial allowed him to make a more informed decision on whether or not she was innocent.

"We don't know the truth. We can only assume -- we can guess. Based on other trials, it's a search for the truth and we didn't find the truth," he said.

Even he felt that her 12:11 a.m. release early Sunday was a bit of a letdown because it lasted less than a minute. "I thought it was kind of silly," he said about watching the live streams of the release.

Hearn has now moved on. While speaking about his relationship with the trial, even he was glued to the Women's Soccer World Cup. He also said he has two yards to mow and plans to do some traveling.

"I'll get over it," Hearn said about not having the trial to follow anymore. "I'll fill the void with something else."