Town slogan carved into corn

The town of Mount Pleasant and Boone Hall Plantation are partnering today to introduce the town's new logo as the centerpiece design of this year's corn maze featured at the annual Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch.

MOUNT PLEASANT — A giant version of the new town logo has cropped up in a corn field.

The image and accompanying slogan, "Come On Over," has appeared in magazines such as Southern Living and on an Interstate 26 billboard. It is featured on Town Council polo shirts.

Now, the new town symbol has been carved into eight acres at Boone Hall, offering residents a chance to wander inside a leafy rendering of the town's new $100,000 strategic marketing initiative.

Mayor Billy Swails and Boone Hall owner Willie McRae will unveil this year's version of the popular corn maze attraction during a ribbon cutting ceremony at 3 p.m. next Thursday.

"Of all the potential applications for our new logo, this is certainly one of the most unique uses," Swails said.

The corn maze art is not costing the town anything, he said.

This is the eighth year for the corn maze, which is one of the largest in the Southeast. This year's version was designed by The MAiZE Inc., out of Spanish Fork, Utah.

The company created the town logo maze using cyber technology. Once the corn reaches a certain height, a GPS guidance system loaded with the maze's computer design is used to spray chemicals that kills the corn on the pathways that will form the maze.

Negotiating the detours and dead ends of paths cut through 8-foot-tall cornstalks is the challenge. The maze will be open to the public Oct. 1-31, Monday-Saturday, from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sunday noon-6 p.m. The attraction is included in the cost of admission to the pumpkin patch. Prices are at