Beaufort County Sheriff's Office

Beaufort County Sheriff's Office

A family visiting South Carolina's Fripp Island called deputies Sunday night after fishing 20 kilos of cocaine from the Atlantic Ocean and toting it to their vacation home.

The family was walking along the beach when they spotted a dark object floating in the waves offshore, according to Beaufort County Sheriff's Maj. Bob Bromage. 

They dragged the package out and took it to their vacation home in a golf cart before slicing it open and realizing it was filled with white powder, Bromage said.

Deputies who responded to the home recovered about $600,000 worth of the narcotics, a figure Bromage described as a "conservative estimate."

Officials are working to figure out where the cocaine came from, Bromage said. A federal or international agency may take over the investigation, depending on the package's origin.

Narcotics wash up on Beaufort County's shores once every few years, according to Bromage, but the size of this one was unprecedented. A slightly smaller package — 15 kilos — washed up on Florida's Cocoa Beach as Hurricane Dorian approached in early September.

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