Tinkler, suspect’s mom to cooperate

zone b - Paul Tinkler is running for re-election in district 9 city council.( Adam Ferrell /staff 10/2/03 )

The mother of the teen accused of breaking into senate candidate Paul Tinkler’s house says she’s disappointed in her son, a senior at Fort Dorchester High School and just one class away from graduation.

Javan Christopher Jordan of North Charleston, 18, turned himself in Saturday after police issued a warrant for his arrest on a second-degree burglary charge Friday. Police say they identified him from fingerprints left at the scene when he broke into Tinkler’s West Ashley house about 1 p.m. June 28. The intruder ran when Tinkler unexpectedly walked into the house off Orange Grove Road near the river.

Tinkler and the teen’s mother, Gayle Lawton, got to know each other Sunday morning at Jordan’s bond hearing. They agreed to work together to point the teen in the right direction. Lawton left the hearing wearing one of Tinkler’s red, white and blue campaign buttons.

“I just advise all parents that have children to make sure that they’re watching their every move, because this came out of nowhere for me,” Lawton said after the hearing Sunday morning. “He needs to sit right there (in jail) and see what can happen with his life if he continues to do this. I’m not getting him out.”

She said her son planned to finish school in the fall and attend Spartanburg Methodist College.

Magistrate Priscilla Baldwin set his bail at $20,000, but not before giving him some stern words.

“You need to get smart real fast,” Baldwin said.

Tinkler, who is running for Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell’s state senate seat, said the daytime break-in shocked him and his neighbors.

“The community that I represent is very, very disturbed about the fact that this kind of crime can take place in broad daylight in our neighborhood,” Tinkler told the court Sunday.

He also said he will work with the teenager’s mother to try to get him on the right track.

“I have met his mama this morning, and I understand she’s a good woman and she cares about him, and I’m going to work with her and her lawyer as this case goes forward,” he told the court. “This young man has his whole life ahead of him, and he’s got a mama who cares about him, and he’s got a decision to make, and he’s got to make that decision right now.”

The intruder dropped a bag that included an iPad, camera and jewelry while fleeing from the house. Jordan’s fingerprints were lifted from the iPad, according to an affidavit at the hearing Sunday.

Jordan’s prints were on file because he was convicted of marijuana possession last year, and he is awaiting trial on a petty larceny charge from November, according to State Law Enforcement Division records.

Tinkler said he’s still missing an iPod and an iPhone from the break-in.

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