There are certain songs that come on the radio that almost cause me to crash as I scramble to change the channel.

For me, it's "Proud Mary" by Tina Turner.

I can't explain it. I don't know why. It's a perfectly good song performed by a perfectly good singer, but it irritates me.

Maybe because I can hear some velvet-suited crooner trying to sing it in a Holiday Inn lounge somewhere in my past.

Or perhaps it subconsciously takes me back to a time in my life when things weren't going so well. Or a woman who broke my heart. Or a place I'd rather forget.

Truth is, I've been hating that song so long I don't remember why. I just do.

The Archies

Chances are you have the same reaction to tunes that tend to invade your space.

I put this out on Twitter and Facebook, and asked people on the street the other day and got some interesting answers.

Jay said the song he hates the most is, "Oh Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey," in reference to that mega-hit "Mickey" by B-Witched, an Irish girl group, which is quite annoying.

Grant grates on anything done by Credence Clearwater Revival because "I can't deal with John Fogerty's pipes."

Paul cringes when he hears Tom Jones sing "What's New Pussycat?"

Jeffrey spoke for everybody when he listed "Sugar, ah honey honey, you are my candy girl," an Archies hit from days of yore. While we're at it, let's include all songs by the Archies.

Lisa can't stand "We Will Rock You," and "We Are The Champions," by Queen.

Andy bails out when he hears "A-B-C," by the Jackson Five.

Noel gets nauseated when Bobby Goldsboro sings "Honey."

Kaye starts screaming when she hears "Red, Red Wine," by anybody, "because every beach band has played it to death."

Boy George

Skip is driven nuts by "Muskrat Love," by the Captain and Tennille.

Cathy has nightmares about "The Barney Song."

Doug, a Clemson fan, hates "2001: A Space Odyssey," for obvious reasons.

Ken can't abide anything by the Bee Gees, together or individually.

Robb dislikes everything by Jewel.

Jessica says anything recorded by Tommy James and the Shondells.

Tony cuts the sound down when "Sussudio" by Phil Collins comes on.

Adlady says "Karma Chameleon" by Boy George, or anything he/she does.

Robert says "The Last Kiss" is icky.

Andrew twinges when he hears Don McLean's "American Pie." Really?

Jimbo says "In The Year 2525" is a downer.

John knows it's blasphemous, but turns off "Stairway To Heaven," every time.

Bonnie must change the channel before the fourth note of the "Wheel of Fortune" theme song, or die trying.

Buddy thinks "Hitching A Ride" by Vanity Fair is the worst song ever recorded.

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