The search for Brandy Hanna ends; nothing found

Brandy Hanna was last heard from on May 20, 2005.

A search for clues that might solve the mystery of Brandy Hanna's disappearance six years ago has ended without turning up any new evidence.

State Archaeologist Jonathan Leader and a team of volunteers spent three days this week searching an area along the Cooper River inside the former Naval Base, hoping to find evidence that might crack the missing-persons case.

They were directed to the location after North Charleston detectives found a shoe there that Hanna's mother said almost certainly belonged to her daughter.

It was a white Nike with a light blue stripe, the same size that Hanna wore. The shoe is being tested to see if there is any DNA evidence on it.

The shoe was the first solid clue to the case since the North Charleston woman vanished on May 20, 2005, and prompted police to call in Leader.

But the dig, which occurred just south of Riverfront Park, unearthed no further evidence. Spencer Pryor, North Charleston police spokesman, said Wednesday he had been told that the search had ended, and nothing related to the case was found.

Hanna disappeared from her Florida Avenue apartment, which is about a mile from the base in North Charleston. That day, May 20, 2005, she worked an early shift at Alex's Restaurant on Dorchester Road and caught a ride home.

Hanna had a full weekend planned -- shopping on Friday night, the beach on Saturday and breakfast with her family on Sunday.

But shortly after talking to her mother by phone that evening, Hanna vanished. She left behind her money, her clothes or any hint of what happened. Police have called it a baffling case, one totally devoid of clues until the shoe was found.

Donna Parent, Hanna's mother, has kept the case alive, trying to find anyone with information about what happened to her daughter. Parent said Wednesday that she is appreciative of the crew's efforts.

"I'd like to thank Dr. Leader for everything he's done and all his helpers," Parent said. "It means a lot to me."