Following her narrow loss in the 1st District Congressional race, Linda Ketner announced Tuesday she's forming a new nonpartisan, nonprofit group to try to make the coastal district a better place to live.

She also wouldn't rule out running again in 2010.

The final tally showed Ketner, a Democrat, beat incumbent Republican Rep. Henry Brown by 54-46 percent in Charleston County, but her win there couldn't offset losses in Berkeley, Dorchester, Georgetown and Horry counties. Brown's 52-48 margin was the slimmest margin for a Republican here in at least two decades.

Ketner wrote to her supporters saying, "I'm sorry we didn't win, but our numbers and ideas are capable of great impact and change, so don't be disheartened. When a door closes, a window is opened." She met with her supporters Monday to discuss where to go from here.

On Tuesday, she invited the 163,000-plus people who voted for her to join other moderates in her new effort, which she said would be further defined in coming weeks. It could include Town Hall meetings and regular summits to hash out ways to improve education and address issues such as the environment, small business, jobs, growth, poverty, health care, crime, arts and commerce, women in political office and social justice.

Her statement said it's "possible" she would seek the seat again in two years.