Guy Laramee

Born: 1957, Erables, Canada

Current City: Montreal, Canada

When Laramee was a child, he saw a sky map that caught his attention in the encyclopedia “Do It Yourself.” Even though it was winter in Canada, he decided to go outside and see the stars. “For me books and knowledge are a double-edged knife, because they open the world to you and simultaneously restrict access to direct knowledge,” he says. People are burying themselves in knowledge, he says, interested in helping others see the world as if for the first time. So he transforms books into landscapes. “Knowledge is valid if it makes you go out and see the stars, but if you stay enclosed, it becomes a jail,” he says.

Doug Beube

Born: 1950, Hamilton, Canada

Current City: Brooklyn, NY

Beube's favorite childhood books were the ones he could put on top of the bathroom door; when the door opened slightly, these would fall directly onto his brother's head. “Perhaps that was the beginning of my career working with books,” he said. It was all about physical contact. Beube transforms and deconstructs books to highlight something about their meaning. He is concerned with shifting meaning from one kind of image to another that the spectator can recognize. In “Rebound,” viewers will see “Tract,” made with the covers of 50 romantic novels, it replicates an intestinal tract.

Long-Bin Chen

Born: 1964, Taipei, Taiwan

Current City: Bronx, NY

Long-Bin Chen was born in China. His parents didn't have a high school education, and he learned to read by himself. However, he admits that he wasn't a good student and didn't fit in. “My idea is to destroy and reconstruct, rethink and reform the system,” he says. In 1993 he started to work with books because he felt they weren't considered material for art and they were starting to become obsolete. In “Rebound,” Chen shows his Buddha heads (an object missing in many Western museums). They are made with The Yellow Pages.

Brian Dettmer

Born: 1974, Chicago, Ill.

Current City: Atlanta, Ga.

When Dettmer was a child he enjoyed reading “Encyclopedia Brown” books because they were a little interactive. His artwork shows, in a very literal way, how books and printed material are redefined in the Internet era. “I want to stress the physicality of the book, the material and the medium, and raise questions about the history of the book and about what people think about books now,” he says. Dettmer works with the content inside books, especially encyclopedias and dictionaries, cutting and removing it, creating an analogy to the experience of receiving information from the Internet today.

Francesca Pastine

Born: 1954, New York, NY

Current City: San Francisco, Calif.

Pastine was a slow reader when she was a child but wanted to read fat books like Tolstoy's novels. When she grew up, she enjoyed reading The New Yorker and cultural books. In “Rebound,” viewers will see one of her latest works, in which she cut Art Forum magazines page by page, turning a publication about art into art with a message. “I have this idea of working with this side of cultural power, manipulating (it) to control content,” she says.

Lucia Carmago Rojas is a Goldring arts journalist from Syracuse University.