Thanks to you, $329,000 will help our local needy

Two days before Christmas, the 2011 Good Cheer Fund was running way behind the 2010 campaign -- $61,890.41 behind, in fact.

In the last week, however, donations have continued to pour in, and we are proud to announce that our final 2011 total is $329,580.90, the fourth-highest in the fund's 84-year history.

Since 1927, the Good Cheer Fund has raised $6,488,813.80 to help our neighbors in need during the holiday season. That money has gone a long way toward feeding the hungry, clothing the less fortunate, helping families in crisis and sheltering the homeless in the Lowcountry.

Whether your donation was big or small, our fund recipients thank you, and we thank you. None of this would be possible without the generous support of our readers.

There are no administrative costs associated with the fund, and all the money is distributed to six local agencies -- Catholic Charities, Carolina Youth Development Center, Lowcountry Food Bank, Association for the Blind, Star Gospel Mission and The Salvation Army -- to help meet the area's most critical needs, ranging from rental and utility assistance to medical assistance to warm food and clothing.

In addition to the cash received, several folks stepped up this year and provided furniture and Christmas dinners for a couple of families we wrote about in our daily case histories, making the holidays even brighter for these clients.

The following contributions have been received since last week. Acknowledgement of any donations received after Dec. 29 will be published at the beginning of the 2012 Good Cheer Fund campaign in November.


In honor of Leah, Angela and Donna from Denise 25.00

In honor of Lisa, Sue, Candy and Janice from Denise 25.00

In honor of the Clinical Nurse Specialists at Roper Hospital from Denise 25.00

Dwight and Louise Meyer 100.00

Holiday cheer to the dedicated Sears family of associates at Sears Northwoods Mall 75.00

Employees of CAB Receivables Management Company 250.00

Deanna Smith, Cheyne and Corey Dowds 30.00

Charleston Leathergoods in the Charleston Market 50.00

Happy Holidays from Aaron and Ashton Copeland 20.00

In honor of the Burkhold family 25.00

Continued Blessings from Aaron and Nikki Copeland with ABC Construction, LLC 100.00

$100.00 for each of the 6 agencies 600.00

Merry Christmas to my wonderful family 50.00

Daniel Island Real Estate Team 200.00

In honor of our Otranto neighbors Anne and Richard 100.00

Cindy, Brian and Mikey 50.00

In honor of our sister, Brenda, from Bobby and Kathy 25.00

In honor of the Angels of the Compassionate Friends 25.00

In honor of our savior Jesus Christ 500.00

Customers and Staff of Out of Hand and O!Events 145.70

In honor of Bob and Pat Gasull given by Michael and Andrea West 25.00

Samir and Cynthia Fakhry 100.00

In honor of Msgr. James Carter, Fr. Bryan Babick, Bishop David Thompson and Bishop Robert Guglielmone 100.00

In honor of Mark Johnson 50.00

In honor of my Converse friends and sisters and also my wonderful team at Flowertown Elementary 50.00

Tom and Janis Johnston 500.00

Bill and Sharon Asbill 200.00

On behalf of OR20 staff MUSC 200.00

In thanksgiving for our family: Allison, Craig, Laban, Sarah, Connor, Cole, Madison and Nana by Ryan and Cathy 200.00

In honor of Caroline and Elijah 40.00

In thanksgiving for my husband, my daughters and their spouses and my new grandson 200.00

Marguerite Halloran 25.00

Tom and Julie McLaughlin 50.00

Don and Nancy Lovelace 100.00

James Poore Painting LLC 100.00

Tom and Betty 50.00

Alan and Virginia Arthur 100.00

The Law Offices of Richard A. Hricik, PA 100.00

Alexander McIntosh 25.00

For G.G. Mama, Erin and Rowan 200.00

Lonn and Beth Bradley 50.00

Nunez and Harrington Families 200.00

Dee Hollis 25.00

James and Rhonda Hunter 100.00

Gini Tucker 20.00

Ashley and Michael Sarkkinen 15.00

In honor of Hellams and Kennedy families 50.00

Dylan Shuler 125.00

Wendy Boswell 20.00

In honor of family from Pat and Erin Mellen 50.00

Fred Herrmann 500.00

The employees at the Library of Medical University of South Carolina 125.00

Blessings of grandchildren Bailey, Peyton, Logan and Connor 50.00

In honor of our family by Elwood and Joan Housand 100.00

In honor and memory of our two families from Skipper and Gloria Hewitt 300.00

Robert Drawdy 25.00

Judy Bennett 25.00

Paul Nelson 50.00

John Van Dalen 50.00

Dan Perkins 50.00

John and St. Clair Michel 100.00

Mark Sloan and Michelle Van Parys 100.00

Honors students CofC 100.00

Philip and Joan Kinnard 100.00

In honor of our grandchildren Skylar, Jacob, Tyler, Kammi, M.J., Savannah, Zolten, Hailey, Parker, Cody, Iaaisha and our newest 2 granddaughters who were both born on July 30th Izabell (Honey Bun) and Mannat (Not Not) from Meme and Papa Lee 50.00

John Costantini 21.00

In honor of our beautiful daughters, Kennedy and Campbell Cochran, from Shawn and Lisa Cochran 25.00

With much appreciation for Richard Molten II and his work in the community. 500.00

Donald F. Lynskey 1,000.00

Royal Dutch Shell 1,765.02

In honor of Carol J. Drowota, Dolores Jones and Halsall and Tootsie Von Glahn 100.00





















NBM Construction Co. Inc. 300.00


My father Gene Edwards, Aunt Bertha, wife Julie and brother Patrick Shawn McGinnis, love Capt. Hen 100.00

One fine Marine, Col. Eugene D. Foxworth Jr., from some of his men 25.00

Clayton S. Bruder 300.00

Hammond Hill, Marshall J. Young and Grace L. Young 250.00

BIG and Gramps 200.00

Edward and Alison from the Wilcox family 50.00

My fathers, Bob Sessions and Ron Summers; and my brother, Rob Sessions. Loved and Missed by Beth 25.00

Our grandmother and great-grandmother Nora W. Jackson from Frank, Mary, William, and Lizzie Anderson 100.00

Cason Matthew Reid 100.00

My beautiful beloved boy, Ben Hawkins, Our Danny, My Ray, Our Hazel 25.00

Mack P. Fralix with love from his wife, Ann, and daughter, Cathy 50.00

Our parents Carl and Edna Bailey, Hortense and Bud Weaver 50.00

Our parents Henry and Lucille West 100.00

My Dad, Walter L. Montgomery 100.00

Adela Holmes Cook and Elizabeth McCrady Lesesne McAdams from the McAdams 100.00

Brig. Gen. Tom Mikolajcik 100.00

Punch Parker 50.00

My Dad, Huger Sinkler Jr., and my godmother, Frances M. Bonsal, from Caroline C. Sinkler 100.00

My mother and best friend Becky Loadholt. Loving grandmother to Max, Sybil and Myles 50.00

For Ann in memory of my uncle Fred Mixson 50.00

For Melvin in memory of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Melvin G. Seyle 50.00

For Mary, Ann, Gene and Dad in memory of their parents Edward and Helen Blanton 100.00

For my aunts and uncles in memory of Joyce Blanton, Robert Blanton and Fred Mixson 50.00

For my mom in memory of my grandparents Nathan and Mary Kronberg 50.00

For my aunt in memory of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Lowndes 50.00

FLP, HRP, MSB and TPB 100.00

Kathy S. Reid 25.00

René Ravenel, M.D. 100.00

Wallace Trowell 50.00

Lessie and her Dad 1,500.00

Loved ones from George and Hilda 100.00

S. Milligan, J. Ehrenclov, J. Johnson, P. Smith and J. Gloyd 40.00

My mother, Ethel Johnson. Love, Angela, Anthony and Gertrude Cuzzell and Gloria Scarborough 30.00

The Baker Boys-Charlie, Doc, Burneston and George 100.00

Marion W. Hornik 100.00

Jack Smoak from Helen and Family 100.00

My parents Joe and Anna Repetz 30.00

Departed friends on Village Road 50.00

Andy Rogers and Billy Todd 50.00

Rodney Westbury 25.00

Our son Billy 50.00

Paula Milner from Ann Milner 25.00

Michelle 200.00

Julius H. Mappus, husband and father 100.00

Our sister Charlene Smith Wieters with love Maureen and Dee 50.00

Bud Klauser 50.00

Sonia Patel 100.00

My sister Brenda Travis 100.00

Megan W.J. Chisolm 50.00

Jimmy Lee 100.00

Katherine Summerlin (loving mother, grandmother, friend) 100.00

David Mellard, Andy Watson, Jackie Quattlebaum and Ludy Murray 100.00

Bama and Grandaddy from Cordes, Locke, Baker, McLain, Michael, Annie, Thomas, Bissell, Rob, James, Fran, Sallie, Hattie, Liza, Barbara, Morgan, Ashley and Archie 200.00

Robbie from the crew of Petrel 200.00

The family, employees and customers of Condon's Department Store 100.00

Our parents Pete and Olympia Philipps and C.B. and Ruth Williams from Charles and Toula Williams 50.00

Our parents Frank and Genevieve Lesourd and Stanley and Edna Beidler 25.00

Our parents Mary and Percy Stanfield 50.00

My mother Matteline Moulds Halley, our sister-in-law Debbie Halley, Cassandra McClain, Helen Bowdoin, Ruth Gunnells, Mary Shwartz, Eleanor Wolf and our grandparents Luther and Liza Moulds from the Halley Family 50.00

Elizabeth C. and Durward W. Freer 1,200.00

My brother Norv Jr., and my parents Harriette and Norvell Trombley Sr. 100.00

My greatly missed Pop, Ronald L. Cochran, from Shawn P. Cochran 25.00

My dear grandmother, Christine Chandler, from Shawn P. Cochran 25.00

My loving grandmother, Joyce Connor, from Lisa Cochran 25.00

Our little angel 100.00

Henry, Tigger, Dada, Tim, Guy, Bob, Rufus, Johnny and Skeeter 100.00

TODAY'S TOTAL $22,866.72

PREVIOUS TOTAL $306,714.18

YEAR TO DATE $329,580.90

LAST YEAR TO DATE $335,817.19