2 teens charged in ATM theft attempts

William Weatherford, 17, (top) and Kendell Mahon, 18, of Moncks Corner, were arrested by the Summerville Police Department on Wednesday in connection with two attempts to break into ATMs with a blowtorch.

Two teenagers arrested Wednesday by Summerville police, accused of trying to break into ATMs with a blowtorch, also are accused of working together in several burglaries in the Moncks Corner area, authorities said.

In the Summerville cases, William Weatherford, 17, is charged with two counts of safecracking, police Capt. Jon Rogers said.

Kendell Mahon, 18, is charged with two counts of accessory to safecracking.

Both are from the Moncks Corner area, Rogers said.

Bail was set Wednesday for Weatherford at $50,000 and at $25,000 for Mahon, Rogers said. Mahon posted his bond and was released.

Weatherford is accused of trying to use a blowtorch to get to the money inside the ATM at a Suntrust Bank branch office at 741 N. Main St. and at a South Carolina Federal Credit Union branch office at 1000 N. Main St. Both attempts occurred early last week.

Mahon is accused of accompanying Weatherford during both of the attempted thefts, Rogers said.

Investigators were led to Weatherford by a tip.

Weatherford is being held in the Hill-Finklea Detention Center in Moncks Corner. According to court records, the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office and the Moncks Corner Police Department have charged Weatherford in connection with several burglaries of homes and businesses. Moncks Corner police also have charged Mahon with two counts of burglary. He has posted bail on those charges.

A Moncks Corner detective said the two teens are thought to have been working together in the burglaries.