Suspicious house fire investigated

A State Law Enforcement Division agent sifts through evidence Tuesday following a suspicious fire in the Crowfield Village subdivision in Ladson.

LADSON -- Miami Street residents had enough misfortune and drama to last them a year on Tuesday.

First, a car drove through a woman's bedroom. Five hours later, Jasmine Jones' house was on fire, her 5-month-old fox terrier puppy trapped inside.

Firefighters with Caromi Fire and Rescue responded to the duplex at the corner of Miami and Temple Streets at 12:06 p.m. and rescued the dog. The house, however, was damaged as firefighters fought the flames and heavy smoke coming from the rear of the home.

Authorities consider the fire suspicious in nature, said Caromi Assistant Fire Chief Mike Langan. The State Law Enforcement Division is investigating the blaze. Authorities don't think the fire and car crash are connected.

Jones said she and her cousin were home with the dog until shortly before noon. She said she left to go to work and her cousin went shopping. "I got a phone call within seven minutes that said, 'Come home, your house is on fire,' " Jones said Tuesday.

Langan said a firefighter rescued the dog as soon as they entered the house. He was still in his cage, which was somewhat warped and burned from the flames. Firefighters gave the dog oxygen at the scene, he said.

Jones said she took her dog, Mikey, to the emergency vet soon after she returned home. The dog had inhaled smoke and had burns around his head but was fine otherwise.

Jones' next-door neighbor, Matthew Flaquer, was home at the time of the fire and called 911. He said he first smelled the smoke and then saw it coming from his neighbor's home. He said he didn't see anything suspicious before that. "I was home all day," he said. "I didn't see anything."