A man was robbed and shot four times outside a downtown apartment complex last week because he didn’t like the looks of the drugs he went there to buy, a witness told Charleston police detectives.

Antonio Heyward, 20, of Hollywood was named Monday as a suspect in the drug deal gone awry May 15 at the Bridgeview Apartments on Romney Street. A warrant for his arrest lists the charges of assault, first-degree battery, attempted armed robbery and possession of a firearm in the commission of a violent crime.

Michael Douglas, 26, of Cody Street in North Charleston suffered wounds to the back, leg and chest, but the injuries were not life-threatening.

Douglas and 24-year-old Demetrius Prince of Iris Street in North Charleston said they went to the apartment complex to buy cocaine for personal use, according to an incident report.

“They did not call ahead,” the report said. “They just knew (the dealer) would be there selling drugs because he is always there selling drugs.”

But the drugs they were shown “didn’t look right” to Douglas, the report said.

The two victims reported that a disagreement and a struggle ensued. During the fight, Douglas took a silver-colored revolver from one of the robbers, he told the police.

They exchanged gunfire, and Douglas was struck. About a dozen shots were fired, reports said.

After Douglas threw away the revolver and tried to drive his Honda Civic, Prince took over the steering wheel and drove to Medical University Hospital.

The duo gave detectives names of people involved in the altercation, but Prince first told the police that they were simply visiting friends.

Prince told officers that Douglas was fired upon while they were “talking to a couple girls,” according to reports.

Residents in the apartment complex reported hearing shots but not seeing the shooter. Officers found several spent cartridges at the scene.

A bullet entered one apartment unit through a window, but no one was inside.

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