Summey: North Charleston is 'very blessed'

North Charleston mayor Keith Summey delivered his State of the City speech via YouTube.

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey described his city as "very blessed" during his videotaped State of the City address that aired Thursday evening.

Summey also produced a long list of goals for the city -- from building new community centers to fighting crime to rejuvenating the old Pinehaven Shopping Center -- in the year ahead.

Summey also referred to the ongoing controversy between the city and state over railroad lines and service yards that will serve the new container terminal on the old navy base.

He declined to delve into details on the lawsuit and any negotiations but said, "Be assured that this council and the mayor will do, at the end of the day, what is right and fair for the citizens of North Charleston."

Summey began by noting that 71 new commercial businesses opened in the city last year, adding, "The economy is moving up." He also cited the city's property tax, sales tax and business license collections -- all up over the prior year.

The city's near-term plans include building a $40 million public works facility, redeveloping Pinehaven with a grocery store, drug store and bank, building a new community center in the mid-Dorchester Road corridor and creating an alternate entrance into Tanger Outlets.

Last fall, North Charleston voters were happy enough with their city to re-elect Summey by a large margin, and Summey, standing in front of Boeing's new manufacturing plant, described the state of the city as "very blessed."

His address was filmed at more than a dozen sites across North Charleston, with Summey even tossing a baseball to himself between two segments. His assistant Ryan Johnson produced the videotaped address, which the city can put on its website and use as a marketing tool. "Nobody likes a long speech," Johnson said.