SUMMERVILLE — Police arrested a Georgia man accused of defrauding Verizon Wireless stores of more than $115,500 during the past three years.

Summerville police arrested and charged John E. Blanton, 32, of Atlanta with forgery on Wednesday after they say he registered for two new phone lines and obtained two cell phones by using a fake name and tax identification number at the Verizon Wireless store at 121 Angus St.

Verizon’s corporate security director contacted the Summerville store and reported that the same man did the same thing at a North Charleston store the same day and had fraudulently obtained $115,517 worth of merchandise from the company during the past three years. The company put out an e-mail alert to its stores to warn them about Blanton, according to an incident report.

Police caught up with Blanton Wednesday evening after they say he attempted to do the same thing at a store in Charleston.

Charleston police detained Blanton until Summerville police arrived. He was carrying one of the phones he obtained in Summerville, according to the report.

Blanton declined to talk to officers without his attorney present. Summerville police took him to the Berkeley County Detention Center to await a bond hearing.

Karen Schultz, a spokesperson for Verizon Wireless, said Thursday that the company has prosecuted Blanton before and plans to prosecute him again.

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