SUMMERVILLE — A move to put the brakes on the town's growth is up for a final vote tonight.

The ordinance would prohibit the town from approving any new residential development bigger than 25 units for the next 90 days.

It was motivated by complaints that the town has been growing faster than roads and services can handle.

It's expected to pass because the same four councilmen who gave it first-reading approval last month said they will vote for it again. That includes Aaron Brown, who introduced it, and Howard Bridgman, Mike Dawson and Bob Jackson.

The two councilmen who voted against it last time said they will vote against it again. Ricky Waring and Bob Flowers said they oppose the ordinance because it says the town also will adopt an adequate public facilities ordinance.

The facilities ordinance would require residential developers to show how roads and other town services would handle the new people before the town could approve the project.

The ordinance suspending new development says the town will have the facilities ordinance written within 90 days, even though no one can agree on the language.

Supporters say it only makes sense not to allow development to get ahead of infrastructure.

Critics say it's unfair to make developers correct existing inadequacies before they can build.

Dorchester County is considering a similar ordinance.