COLUMBIA — The original owners of the former Hard Rock Park in South Carolina are suing the new owners for trademark infringement — a move that could put this weekend's opening of Freestyle Music Park on hold.

"The supposed 'rebranding' of the Park by Defendant is minimal and will not remedy its infringement of HRP Creative Services' intellectual property," attorneys for the company wrote in their complaint. "Defendant intends merely to change the names of a small handful of rides and other attractions at the Park, but retain the highly distinctive and stylized themes ... of those attractions."

HRP Creative Services, set up by original park owner HRP Myrtle Beach Holdings, said FPI MB Entertainment has not done enough to change the park's rides and attractions and is taking advantage of creative steps taken by the park founders. Some of those, the complaint said, include themed zones with rides, restaurants, stores and "other interactive entertainment experiences."

"The Creative Content was designed by HRP Creative Services to fully immerse and stimulate all senses of Park visitors with the complete culture, atmosphere, aura and excitement of the rock n' roll and contemporary music experience," HRP's attorneys wrote.

Attorneys for FPI MB denied HRP's allegations, also arguing that the trademarks HRP seeks to protect became part of the bankruptcy estate when the company filed for protection.

Attorneys did not immediately return messages seeking comment Tuesday. Today, a federal judge in Delaware is set to consider a request by the original owners to delay the park's opening while the lawsuit proceeds.