LADSON -- Heavy metal rules over fear of bad weather.

Local radio station 98X FM went ahead Sunday with its annual Live X concert at the Exchange Park Fairgrounds, brushing off fears of rough storms that led to the cancellation of the annual blessing of the shrimp boat fleet in Mount Pleasant.

By midday, it was estimated that between 3,000 and 4,000 people were on hand listening to the lineup of eight hard-rocking bands.

"We're just having a party," 98X operations manager Mike Allen said of the concert that was designed to reward local listeners. The only thing that would have stopped the show would have been lightning, members of the backstage equipment crew said.

Two of the attendees were Dave Tripp, 46, and his son, Alex, 15, of Summerville. The elder Tripp said he grew up on rock shows and wanted to share the experience with his son.

"We love music, man," Tripp said. "I started him young," he added, pointing to his son, who attends Pinewood Prep.

The two also went to the Kid Rock concert at the fairgrounds a few years back. "I like this music," Alex Tripp said. "I like the guitar and just the experience of coming to the concert."

This was the fourth year of the concert, Allen said. Some of the bands featured this year included Sevendust, Papa Roach and Puddle of Mudd.