Steer clear of Crosstown

The Crosstown Expressway will remain open after construction begins Thursday, but its traffic lanes will drop from six to four.

Advice for motorists who want to avoid delays is to use one or more of the alternatives below:

Those traveling west on the Crosstown who use Sheppard Street to reach Rutledge Avenue will have to find a different route, possibly exiting a few blocks earlier onto King Street.

Those entering downtown via Interstate 26 might want to exit onto Rutledge Avenue, Morrison Drive or King or Meeting streets.

Motorists entering the peninsula from West Ashley on U.S. Highway 17 might want to use Lockwood, Calhoun, Cannon or Bee streets instead of the Crosstown.

Those using the Crosstown to travel across the county might want to use S.C. Highway 7, the Northbridge and I-26 to the Ravenel Bridge.