Our buzz from the Spoleto blogs:

Twitterwall sighting: If you haven't heard, we're rolling out our Twitterwall in select performances. Its next appearance will be at the Gaillard Auditorium today at 7:30 p.m. Check out the full schedule on spoletotoday.com.

Diggin' the Fringe: Jason, Adam, Gemma, Tom and Leah's blog Fringe-Worthy is your guide to Piccolo Fringe. Check out the latest Fringe news at postandcourier.com/spoleto/blogs/funny.

Theater Tif: "Present Laughter" officially opened at the Dock Street Theater with much excitement onstage and off. Director Alan Stanford exchanged a few words with some audience members. Haven't heard the news? Read it on SpoletoToday.com.

Running Haven: Running out of jogging options? Get some inspiration at "Things I Run Into," where avid runner Jess Novak takes you out with her during morning runs. Find her photos (and big feet!) on postandcourier.com/spoleto/blogs/jog/.

Musical Curiosity: Ever wonder what music musicians listen to? Krissy does, and she's not afraid to ask. Her blog, "What's on Your iPod Today?" gives you the answers and will perhaps introduce you to new music at postandcourier.com/spoleto/blogs/.