Spend your 'Sand Dollar' on the 'Edge of Amercia'

Playing in a local band, whenever I mention to locals that we frequently gig out on Folly Beach, the usual, first response is "the Sand Dollar?"

There are a number of great bars and music venues on Folly, but the Sand Dollar Social Club is one of the oldest and most well-known. For over three decades, the no-frills, no-nonsense beach bar has hosted countless bands and entertained generations of customers, who still flock in droves to one of the most unpretentious and fun-filled spots on Folly Beach.

Technically, the Sand Dollar is a private club (you're supposed to purchase a $1 membership 24 hours in advance), something the bar began initially, and has just kept intact as a tradition, to work around some of the weird liquor laws South Carolina used to have. Still, I've never had any trouble coming or going by just presenting my ID (there's never a cover), and the same was true on a recent Saturday night when I enjoyed the great, local guitar slinger/singer Johnny Mac, who wowed the packed crowd with a steady offering of blues and classic rock. The place was truly rocking and the dancing customers didn't seem to have a care in the world.

Biker-friendly, and just friendly in general, the Sand Dollar isn't exactly a "kids' bar" (not a bunch of college or just out-of-college people), but they would certainly feel welcome. In fact, everyone would feel welcome if they're looking for an everyman bar experience and don't mind a smoky atmosphere. The Sand Dollar also features a jukebox, pool tables, darts and all the other bells and whistles typical of most bars, but let's face it, it seems sort of pedestrian to mention such things when discussing the Sand Dollar, precisely because it has always been more than just another bar--it's an institution.