‘Zoe’ offers little girl’s idea of control

ZOE GETS READY. By Bethanie Deeney Murgvia. For ages 3-5. Arthur A. Levine Books. 40 pages. $16.99.

Each school day, Zoe wakes to decisions made for her.

But there are some days — Saturdays and the summer come to mind — when Zoe gets to dress for any possibility.

As her mom calls from downstairs, Zoe imagines what her Saturday might bring.

Could it be cartwheels or collecting treasures from nature?

Or maybe she’ll just decide to blend in.

She has to be ready for anything. So she dresses in everything, including a pair of butterfly wings.

It’s a satisfying story about having control. The illustrations are lively and endearing.

Little girls will relate to Zoe’s imaginations and her clothing decisions. Parents will giggle with their daughters as they read together on a summer afternoon.

McGeath Freeman reviews children’s books for Lowcountry Parent magazine. To see previous reviews, go to www.lowcountry parent.com.