Talking turkey with area kindergartners

Colin Troublefield

Brenda Rindge

We recently visited Jeannine Laban's kindergarten class at Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School in West Ashley and asked the 5- and 6-year-olds what they know about the history of Thanksgiving. At the time, the class had not yet started its study of the holiday.

Here are some of the kindergartners' answers:

Colin Troublefield

Who was there: “The Indians and Jesus.”

What they did: “They read the Bible. They eat Thanksgiving food.”

What they ate: “Turkey, mashed potatoes. That’s all I remember.”

How long ago: “Ten years ago.”

Griffin Hargett

Who was there: “Abraham Lincoln, and — he’s on a nickel. I’m trying to remember his name but I forgot.”

What they ate: “Chicken ... and turkey.”

Aditi Das

Who was there: “My mom was at the first Thanksgiving.”

What they ate: “Rice and, like, India food.”

Ellison Fischer

Who was there: “My dad. His name’s Andrew if you want to write that instead of ‘Dad.’ ”What they ate: “Fish, pumpkin pie ... and turkey.”

Jake Swann

Ever heard of Pilgrims: “They have big boats and they hold lots of people.”

Where they came from: “Indian World.”

Why they came: “They celebrated turkeys.”

How long ago: “November.”

Conner Anderson

Who was there: “Maybe all the presidents — Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Barack Obama. And Pilgrims.”

Who are Pilgrims: “They are Indians.”

What they ate: “Turkey, green beans and Thanksgiving corn.”

David Wang

Who was there: “The two-yearold’s mom, her grandpa and her grandma. Her dad is at California.”

(David said he was spending Thanksgiving with a friend who is 2 years old.)

What they ate: “Turkey, and there’s a basket of fruit and vegetables called a cornucopia.”

How they got there: “The Pilgrims go to the Indians’ place on the big boat called the Ark.”

Zion Brown

Who was there: “I don’t know.”

Ever heard of Pilgrims: “Them shoot turkeys.”

Gracen Herrin

Who was there: “I don’t know.”

Ever heard of Pilgrims: “Yes, their best friends were the Indians.

They were going to eat it all together.”

How long ago: “Five years ago.”

Mae Dickinson

Who was there: “The Pilgrims and the Indians.”

Who are Pilgrims: “Pilgrims are the ones who came on the Mayflower.

I’m M-A-E not M-A-Y but I like the Mayflower ’cause it’s almost named after me.”

Where they came from: “Charleston.”

Where they were going: “North Charleston.”

What they ate: “They ate turkey and chicken. Well, mostly sometimes salad. With fresh corn.

Speaking of corn, I’m not sure what I’m having for supper.”

When it was: “I think a million years ago. I bet some people were alive but probably our parents were there, too. Who knows?”

Ali Francis

Who was there: “I know the first people that lived in Thanksgiving. Adam and Eve.”

When it was: “A long time ago.”

What they did: “It’s a kind of celebration, like Christmas.”

Gabe Stewart

Who was there: “Maybe the Indians, maybe. Maybe the Pilgrims.”

Who are Pilgrims: “The Indians’ friends.”

How they got there: “Maybe came on a boat. I forgot the name.”

Where they came from: “Maybe from Africa.”

What they ate: “Mashed potatoes with gravy, peas and turkey.”

When it was: “A long time ago.”

Jesahnna Gadsden-Chavis

Who was there: “Jesus been there. The Pilgrims. And God.”

How they got there: “On a boat.”

Where they came from: “The store, to buy some food for Thanksgiving.”

What they ate: “Turkey, corn and grapes.”

How long ago: “The first November.”

Andrew Warfuel

Who was there: “People.”

Who are Pilgrims: “People.”

How they got there: “I know the ship. Mayflower.”

Where they came from: “They sailed on it from New York or something like that.”