Small giant, giant ‘dog’ offer fun reads for kids

MUNCLE TROGG. By Janet Foxley. Illustrated by O’Kif. The Chicken House. 224 pages. $14.99. For ages 8-12.

What happens when the world’s smallest giant decides to have an adventure? He just might destroy everything or, possibly, save the day. Filled with dragons, giants and volcanoes, “Muncle Trogg” is a modern-day fairy tale.

What’s good: Fun adventures and a great lesson in self-esteem.

What’s bad: A little slow-paced in the beginning.

SILLY DOGGY! By Adam Stower. Orchard Books. 40 pages. $16.99. For ages 4-8.

When Lily wakes up to find a big doggy in her garden, she thinks her dreams have come true. She’s always wanted her very own doggy. It doesn’t matter that this one is a very large, and lovable, lost bear.

Lily and doggy spend a grand day together before the bear’s owner (the local zoo) comes to get her. The text, illustrations and sentiment will have you gushing with oohs and ahs.

What’s good: Sweet, lovable and perfect for children who love pets.

What’s bad: May need to remind your children that wild animals are not pets.

McGeath Freeman reviews children’s books for Lowcountry Parent magazine. To see previous reviews, go to www.lowcountry