EUTAWVILLE -- Anjanette Shaw and Kenneth Burch had seen their share of breakups.

But after Shaw loaded her things into a U-Haul on Valentine's Day and ended what relatives called an unhealthy relationship, Burch couldn't let this one go, according to relatives.

They briefly argued about who should get what. A custody battle wasn't a concern: Each has several children but none in common. And after they went their separate ways, both were seen smiling and laughing.

But family members couldn't explain why the 43-year-old Burch fatally shot Shaw apparently without warning this weekend as the two chatted outside a convenience store on Old Number Six Highway, then drove home only to kiss his mother goodbye and kill himself.

"I guess this time, he couldn't take it," said Burch's cousin, 25-year-old Michele Miller. "It went from them talking to him shooting her. He obviously was hurting."

On Monday, a lone pink flower hanging from a wooden post outside Strick's One Stop memorialized Shaw, a 42-year-old mother of five, including three who witnessed her death.

Bill McAlhaney, the store's owner, said Burch and Shaw had been regular customers. He was always smiling or laughing at something; she kept to herself.

Shaw had arrived just after 6 p.m. Saturday to buy some paint. She was her usual quiet self as she walked through the store with three of her children.

McAlhaney said he later reviewed surveillance footage that shows what happened next.

Shaw loaded the children into her car, then was summoned by Burch. He had been sitting in his nearby Dodge pickup and waiting for Shaw to emerge from the store.

According to the videos, Shaw stood next to Burch's pickup for about 10 minutes. A couple of customers browsed the food aisles inside the store; a few pumped gas under the canopy outside. A worker took out the trash.

"When people around here start fussing, they get loud," McAlhaney said. "It's easy to tell what's going on, but everything was quiet. They were just talking."

Without any indication of the ensuing violence, Burch lifted a hand and pointed his pistol. He fired a single shot that dropped his former girlfriend to the ground, the video shows.

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