The Parenting Counts Center recently unveiled, a free online service for parents of children ages birth to 5 years.

The Talaris Institute, a nonprofit organization in Seattle, introduced the commercial-free site in November as a source of research-based information about child development. The purpose is to help parents see upcoming milestones and find comfort in knowing that all children develop in their own ways.

Since then, Talaris has enhanced its features and redesigned the site. Features include:

--A developmental timeline of the ways a child thinks, feels, learns and grows.

--Short video segments that include research commentary and parents talking about how they make their parenting count.

--Research summaries about specific research studies and how the research relates to everyday life.

--Webcasts with experts in the field of early learning.

--Online journal that allows parents to upload photos and create journal entries that record their child's growth and development.

--Private online community where parents can share their child's photos and experiences.

To access the Parenting Counts Center and learn more about this free resource, visit