Photographer spells a winner

This is the winning design for the 2010 Cooper River Bridge Run and Walk. The design, created by local photographer Norm Lambert, is a photo montage made up of letters found on sites throughout the Lowcountry.

Local professional photographer Norm Lambert has wanted to enter the Cooper River Bridge Run and Walk design contest for years, but he just didn't have an idea that he thought was a contender -- until this summer.

Lambert, who sells his photography at the City Market and Charleston Farmers Market, was working on shooting letters of the alphabet from local sites for note cards and framed photos when the idea hit him to create a montage for the Bridge Run design.

Every photo in the design was taken in the Charleston area. The result were letters with a distinctly Lowcountry feeling, such as using the Morris Island lighthouse for the "I" in river.

"I wanted the word "Run" to be particularly symbolic," Lambert said, "so I used a runner's legs (for the 'R'), a horseshoe from a carriage company (for the "U"), and the bridge itself (for the 'N')."

The 43-year-old West Ashley resident called it "unusual" and figured the design committee would either "love it or hate it."

His design, which was unveiled Wednesday in Mount Pleasant, turned out to be loved more than any of the other 106 designs submitted for this year's contest. It will be used on all promotional material for next year's event.

Michael Desrosiers, an assistant race director who has coordinated the contest for the Charleston Running Club for years, said Lambert's design was "totally different from anything I've every seen."

For Lambert's efforts he received $1,000, 100 posters and 24 T-shirts with his design on them, as well as the satisfaction of seeing his design live on with locals who wear them for years to come.


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