'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'

Rating: PG-13 for stylized violence, sexual content, language and drug references.

What it's about: A nerdy guy has to defeat a woman's seven evil ex-lovers to court her.

The kid attractor factor: A comic-book adaptation with comic-book sensibilities, video game visuals and Michael Cera.

Good lessons/bad lessons: The "mysterious ones" are more trouble than they're worth.

Violence: Broad, comically exaggerated and plentiful.

Language: Bursts of profanity, with much of it bleeped out for comic effect.

Sex: Discussed, pursued.

Drugs: Alcohol.

Parents' advisory: This gonzo action comedy is a brawl and an F-bomb shy of an R-rating, but it is jokey enough to be OK for 13-and-up.

'Step Up 3D'

Rating: PG-13 for brief strong language.

What it's about: New York kids compete, in 3-D, in epic break-dance battles in this near-romance.

The kid attractor factor: "Step Up" is a proven brand for teen screen dance musicals.

Good lessons/bad lessons: "Just be true to who you are."

Violence: A near-brawl.

Language: Mild profanity.

Sex: Suggestive song lyrics and dancing, nothing more.

Drugs: None.

Parents' advisory: Far closer to a PG than a PG-13, this is fine for ages 10 and up.