New series starts strong

DOUBLE TROUBLE #1: Show & Tell

DOUBLE TROUBLE #1: Show & Tell. By Abby Klein. Illustrated by John McKinley. Scholastic Inc. 96 pages. $5.99. For ages 5-10.

Fans of the "Ready, Freddy!" series will be happy to know Abby Klein has a new series of adventures coming out in 2012. Freddy's twin cousins, Kasey and Kelly, offer double the excitement in this new paperback series.

Second grade will never be the same. When their class studies pets, everyone is allowed to bring one pet to school for Pet Day. Kasey and Kelly can't wait, but they have a problem. Too many pets and no idea which one to take. How about Harry the tarantula or Zippy the turtle? Maybe their rabbit or hamster or gecko would be a good choice? Whether setting up an all-out pet race to decide which pet goes to school, teaching dogs new tricks or enjoying mayhem at Pet Day, there is plenty of fun for young readers to enjoy in "Double Trouble."

As a kindergarten and first-grade teacher, Klein does a good job of keeping young readers interested with relatable characters and situations while offering solid behavioral messages with which parents can agree.

McKinley brings his energetic illustrative style that readers have come to know in the "Ready, Freddy!" books to "Double Trouble." So it will seem comfortable for kids to begin this new series.

Although the books may slightly skew to young girls, boys will find many of the stories just as entertaining as their favorite "Ready, Freddy!" books.

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