Your view of Monday differs dramatically depending on whether or not you have kids.

Those without children mourn the weekend's ending, and those of us with them start celebrating Sunday night, eagerly anticipating the joys of Monday.

TGIF for the kid-less folk and TGIM for parents, right?

Back to school and work signals a return to adult conversation and interaction with humans who don't just holler and spill things for no apparent reason.

Maybe it's time we celebrate the best day of the week with style. Instead of a ho-hum dinner at 6 p.m., let's spice it up a bit.

Monday Movie Marathon: Wouldn't it be fun to designate Monday as movie night? Let's make Monday feel like a Friday night. Every family member gets a turn to own the Monday night movie lineup, from family videos of past birthday parties to black-and-white oldies.

The movie picker also gets to say what's for dinner. Move the couches and chairs around to resemble a theater, dim the lights, hand out paper bags filled with popcorn and launch the week with cinematic style.

Give and get: Make Monday a family volunteer night. What's better than instilling the value of altruism and starting your week off with the warm fuzzies that result from helping others?

Your town has plenty of organizations that would love your assistance. Just go online, do a quick search, make a few phone calls to guarantee that kids are allowed to help out and mark the date on your calendar.

From volunteering at food banks to visiting the elderly at nursing homes, your family will bond, expand its worldview, feel empowered with self-esteem and help others at the same time.

Tennis, anyone? Sports are a great family activity. Maybe have a standing tennis doubles game at 7 p.m. every Monday or go out on the lawn for some tag football. You also could organize a boys-versus-girls Frisbee match or set up a three-hole golf game in your backyard.

How about heading out to the park and playing a fierce game of tug-of-war or racing around the track? Whatever you pick, make it a Monday night habit and start your week off with some adrenaline, exercise and fresh air. Does it get any better?

Whatever you decide to do for your Monday night family tradition, be sure to snap some photos or quick videos.

Wouldn't it be fun to set up a family blog and upload the week's snapshots with a little blurb about something funny? Don't worry. You can set privacy controls to only allow family members to view the blog, and an added benefit is that you can invite others to view it, too. So every time you publish a new family fun post, Grandma and Grandpa will get an email reminding them to go check out the blog. See how fun Monday can be?

Paula Sirois is a Florida-based writer who specializes in family life and frugal living for www.retail