'Madam President' delivers political satire fit for kids

MADAM PRESIDENT. By Lane Smith. For ages 5-10. Hyperion. 40 pages. $16.99.

Text and visual comedy marry to deliver a steady dose of political satire even young children will enjoy in Lane Smith’s “Madam President.”

Katy explains the ins and outs of being president with refreshing candor. At one point she attends the “state funeral” of a pet frog and turns an oral report into a press conference. There is a great deal of humorous attitude flying around as Katy vetoes tuna casserole. One bit that stuck with me were the lyrics for “Hail to the Chief.” I love when they praise “her rad administration.”

Not unlike Smith’s “John, Paul, George and Ben,” this tale knows how to have fun with politics. So much so that it will make members of both major parties laugh ... and their children, too.

McGeath Freeman reviews children’s books for Lowcountry Parent magazine. To see previous reviews, go to www.lowcountryparent.com.