Little girl, family just love fluffy Percy

Percy is a West Highland white terrier.

I have a dog. His name is Percy. We named him after the train on "Thomas & Friends." I love him because he is cuddly, and sometimes my mommy says he can sleep with me!

One time, before I went to bed, I took a picture of him under the covers in my bed! Percy and I have the same birthday! Our birthdays are both on May 11, but I was born before him.

Another reason why I love him is because he protects my family. When someone comes up to the door, Percy barks with excitement! When someone comes in our house, he jumps up on them and licks them!

Percy and I are kind of alike, except I'm a girl and he is a boy and he is a dog and I am human! I love Percy a lot.

Percy is a West Highland white terrier. He is white and fluffy. He likes my brother Mac because Mac carries food around and sometimes drops it.

Percy is 3 years old. My family and I like to take walks with Percy! My family loves Percy!

Margaret Hunter McElheny

Age 7, Summerville

Sophie Kincer

I just bought our Maltese her first stroller and no, I'm not crazy. Sophie Louise Kincer is 8 years old and is beginning to get arthritis. My husband and I walk 4 miles every morning and she loves to go with us. She actually pouts when she doesn't.

Sophie used to be able to walk the whole way and keep up really good. Lately, I have had to carry her some of the way. Since I'm getting older myself, carrying her kills my back.

Now she walks with us and when she gets tired, she stops and I put her in her stroller. She loves it and as you can see by the picture she looks absolutely adorable in it. The No. 1 comment that we hear on a daily basis is, "I have seen it all."

Cathy Kincer


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