Undersea mission: Charleston cutters help retrieve cocaine from sub-type craft

The Coast Guard cutter Gallatin participated in the mission near the Honduran-Nicaraguan border.

Grace Beahm


The boy is here. After 41 long weeks, our son River is now part of the family.

It only took the doctors an hour last Tuesday to complete my wife's C-section and deliver us a healthy and beautiful rosy-cheeked son.

OK, so he was more grayish-purple and looked like Edward James Olmos like all newborns do. But for some reason that didn't matter because this time, it was our little 63-year-old character actor.

Sure this entire experience has been beyond daunting, from buying the right stroller (one that is sturdy, yet lightweight), to how to properly burp your baby (slow, rhythmic pats between the shoulder blades work best), to how to change his diaper (ask your wife), but I'd be lying if I told you it wasn't all worth it.

Because the moment I first heard my son cry in the operating room, tears began to well up in my eyes and a big smile came across my face. I know it's a cliche, but having your first child truly is the single greatest moment in your life. Nothing beats it. Seriously.

You can take the day you got your driver's license, married the love of your life and set the high score on Donkey Kong Jr. at Chuck E. Cheese last year during my birthday par … er, your birthday party, roll them all into one, and it still wouldn't sniff the day you become a parent.

Now I will freely admit that some of this sappy talk has to do with the fact that I've slept maybe six hours, tops, in the past week, but still. I think the sentiment is legit; being a mom or a dad is about as awesome as it gets.

Can it be scary? Sure. Overwhelming? You betcha. Eye-opening? Absolutely. Frustrating? Without a doubt. Expensive? … OK, you know what, forget all that.

The point is nothing worth doing is easy. And the same seems to go for raising a child. Yes, there will be plenty of sleepless nights. But one day, that child you nurtured and cared for will finally make it through an entire night without making a peep. Which would have been really rewarding if you hadn't moved into the shed behind your house.

But that's the fun of this whole raising a child thing. It's the milestones. The moments. His first word. His first step. His first curse word blurted out in the middle of church.

It all lies ahead when you become a parent.

I've waited for 35 years for my turn. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Bryce Donovan actually wrote this column from the hospital room in between trying everything possible to get his son to quit crying and go to sleep. Reach him at 937-5938 or bdonovan@postandcourier.com.