Ike LaRue fans cheer! Mark Teague has done it again. We catch up with Ike the dog as he and his owner, Gertrude, are preparing for a vacation cruise.

All goes awry when their neighbor, Mrs. Hibbins, is hospitalized. Gertrude volunteers to watch her cats, cancels the cruise and begins a cross-country road trip. Ike sends postcards from the road that tell his melodramatic version of events.

At each stop, he implores Mrs. Hibbins to allow him to send the feisty kittens home.

His exaggerated memories are brought to life in black and white and contrasted against the colorful realities of roadside America.

As fate would have it, the family roadster breaks down in Death Valley, Calif., and they end up cruising back home.

Teague creates a fantastic romp across America in this fourth adventure with Ike. The author brings it to life with his recognizable and masterful illustration style, humor and smart story.

McGeath Freeman reviews children's books for Lowcountry Parent magazine. For other reviews, visit www.lowcountryparent.com.