My husband and I had just moved to the San Francisco Bay area from Boulder, Colo., in 2004 when we decided we needed a cat.

Arleen (then named Lacey Bell) was 2 years old and had been found dumped at a construction site with five kittens. They were all adopted quickly, except her. No one wanted an "older" cat.

We found her at a feral cat rescue foundation, and we decided she was the one. She was crazy: biting our feet while we slept, attacking her own paws while playing and meowing loudly (and incessantly).

We loved every second of it and were glad to have a furry companion in our small apartment.

Later that year, we moved back to Colorado and settled in Denver. We knew the time had come to rescue a dog.

We ran across Galleon (then Lucia) at Maxfund, a no-kill animal shelter. She was a 2-month-old black Lab mix who had been found tied to a fence. We took her home, and she and Arleen became best friends.

Galleon soon got over her fear of humans and became one of the sweetest, most loving dogs I have ever met. Now, 4 1/2 years later, the four of us have moved to Charleston.

Arleen is intrigued by the Palmetto bugs, and Gal has discovered the joy of running off-leash on Sullivan's Island. The unconditional love they provide makes every day with them a blessing.

Erin Patterson

James Island

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