A cat is just a cat. Right? Wrong.

For one of our granddaughters and her family, Roxy the adorable cat is dear in all the world. Which makes Roxy adorable and dear to me.

I understand that personal connection that endears an animal to a human. However, I was skeptical about a cat that could endear himself to library patrons who knew him, as well as people all over the world who simply heard about him, read about him and/or saw him on video.

Now, having read the books, I'm a believer. Dewey is very special.

"Dewey the Library Cat" is an adaptation of "Dewey" the bestselling novel by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter.

This is an irresistible, enchanting and happy story that's perfect for children in fourth grade through middle school. No dystopias, no vampires, no broken families. Just a courageous cat that enriches life for people in a struggling small town in Iowa.

In case children don't think Dewey can possibly be as cute and clever as advertised, there are color photos.

As a small kitten, Dewey was abandoned in the freezing cold library book drop. The librarian (the author, Vicki Myron) brought him inside and restored him to health.

Dewey Readmore Books seemed to have a sixth sense about which library patrons needed and wanted his friendship. Whether babies or adults, homeless or library board members, Dewey warmed hearts.

I think this would make an excellent read-aloud book for third- through fifth-graders.

"Dewey: There's a Cat in the Library," also by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter, is the beautifully illustrated picture book version of Dewey's life.

In the words from the "Publisher's Weekly " review, "The book is not only a tribute to a cat … it's a love letter to libraries."

Dewey allowed young children to carry him upside down and pat his fur in the wrong direction. He let babies pull and grab his hair and he cheered up children who looked sad. He believed himself to be the Library Cat, and he took his role seriously.

I would wish that every library could have a cat, but every cat wouldn't be Dewey.

Whether you're an animal person or not, I recommend these books.

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